The Dangers Of EMFs

On a day to day basis, many people around the world spend a lot of time with their cell phones. Some sit in their homes hours on end watching their TV via the connection of their Wi-Fi router to like their Chromecast. Others choose to microwave their food way more than a stove or oven. Computers along with other electronic appliances are typical things that are used daily as a form of a habit, but this normal habit has some researchers worried because of the types of energy waves that these devices put out. These are known as EMFs or electric and magnetic fields.

Long before MRIs, indoor lighting and even power lines came into existence, the sun has been the first and primary source of EMF’s. Even though the sun provides this to the earth, it is a bit different from the magnetic fields that microwaves give off. The sun’s rays are visible, classifying it as visible light. Researchers have also classified the types of exposure EMFs you may be subjected to on a daily basis.

Non-ionizing radiation is the first of two different types. This is considered low-level radiation, meaning that it is mild and thought as harmless. Among this list is the microwave oven, computers, house energy meters, cellphones, your Wi-Fi router, Bluetooth devices, power lines and MRIs.

The next category is called ionizing radiation. This is high level radiation and can be quite dangerous. These rays are sent out through X-ray machines when medical imaging is needed and Ultraviolet rays from the sun itself.

One may argue that EMFs are not actually dangerous to the health of individuals who are exposed to it since there is no strong enough research to provide sufficient evidence, but there has been a link between two studies. Researchers discovered that people who are exposed to high levels of EMFs for numerous years at a time were more likely to develop a certain type of leukemia within adults. As well as a study revealing that constant low level EMF exposure can cause changes in human nervous functionality. Affecting things such as your sleep and mood. It is always good to practice EMF protection and either turn your cell phone off as you sleep or place it within another room. Do not carry it within your pocket or bra. When on a call, use the speaker function or headphones. As far as X-rays, only receive them when they are absolutely necessary.

An organization known as the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, or ICNIRP for short created international guidelines based on years upon years of scientific studies and their findings. They begin by being able to measure EMFs in a term called volts per meter or V/m. Of course meaning the higher the measurement, the higher the EMF level. In their measurement process it is believed that there are no health effects if your exposure falls below their guidelines.

For example: the natural electromagnetic fields provided by the sun show as a 200 V/m. If you find yourself close to power lines, then your exposure may range up to 10,000 V/m, but if you are not too close to any lines then your reading can fall to 100 V/m. Things like TV’s, computer screens, radio transmitters, radars and cell phone stations give off a low reading of 10 volts and under. EMF readers are available for consumer purchase if you would like to check some of the items at your home, but they can not measure high frequencies, so practice EMF protection and stay away from things that admit dangerous waves.

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