Four Tips For Leveraging EBay To Build Your Brand

Four Tips For Leveraging EBay To Build Your Brand

Whether you’re a new direct-to-consumer brand looking to make your mark or an established e-commerce business with robust sales, today’s competitive climate requires companies to look outside the box to new channels to drive revenue and attract new customers. With the current pandemic taking hold and effectively crippling retail brick-and-mortar distribution, the need to develop an online, multichannel strategy has never been more important.

One channel that some companies might start to include in their go-to-market plan is eBay. Personally, I have sold on eBay in the past and have instructed other sellers to supply as well. Through this experience, I’ve seen that while not as popular as Amazon, there can be a variety of advantages of selling on eBay, including a large international customer base and access to customer information for retargeting and upselling opportunities.

There are a few best practices to consider, however, in order to maximize your opportunities on eBay.

1. Sell entry-level products that aren’t competing with your traditional product mix.

Listing your products on eBay can be an opportunity to introduce your brand to a large number of new customers. Start by identifying SKUs that you think might perform better on eBay than your own website. Since, in my experience, the eBay customer tends to be more price-conscious, including more affordable products from your product mix is a good strategy to introduce your brand to a mass audience.

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