Better late than never

Almost halfway into his government’s five-year term, Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged his cabinet members to step up their game and stop making excuses. It was an unusually blunt and mostly welcome speech made on Tuesday, but not without causes for concern. One unfortunate example was when he said it took his party three months to understand the system. As we have previously written, top-tier governance cannot have a learning curve, especially in a country with as many problems as Pakistan. The excuse is also weakened because his party, and indeed his original cabinet, included several people who previously served as federal or provincial ministers. In some cases, these ministers were removed temporarily by the PM, only to be given other ministries a few months later. Some of them are still in the cabinet. Even if we were to accept the learning curve argument for first-time cabinet members, ‘experienced’ ministers should not be allowed to hide behind it.

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