Cats and Bats – Why the Pair Make Perfect Pest Control Warriors in Your Home

Cats and Bats – Why the Pair Make Perfect Pest Control Warriors in Your Home

Worried about pest control for your home this spring and summer? You’ll be surprised when we tell you cats and bats can be the perfect pest control warriors. Not many people realize this, but the pair can help eliminate most pests from any property. Cats are already residing in many households. Bats on the other hand aren’t that common and often considered pests in their own right.

Do Cats and Bats Really Provide Pest Control?

Right off the bat, yes, they do. Cats would hunt and eat rodents and many other pesky pests. Bats would dine on mosquitoes, flees, roaches and many other insects. Cats and bats might not be the number 1 preferred combination when it comes to pest control warriors, but they do the job.

There doesn’t have to be any particular cat or species of bats as well. Any would do. Regular house cats and good old bats just work their way into your pest problem. Feed them well and give them a shelter they like and your pest problem will be out of the window in no time.

However, cats and bats may be able to help control pest populations from growing at the start of pest infestation. When you have full-scale property run downs by pests, only professional help will win. Be sure to call on pest control Vancouver services if you have a bigger pest problem.

Cats Are Efficient Rodent Hunters

As we all know, cats hunt rodents like mice, rats and others efficiently. Most rodents are on cat menu any day of the week. Bigger rats might sometimes scare the odd cat but eventually become prey. All you have to do is to train your cat to hunt for rodents across the house.

Cats find rodents before you do. There is no doubt about that. They have stronger senses and are able to crawl through tighter spaces hunting rodents down. Cats would hunt, eat and kill mice and other pesky rodents from any property in a matter of days.

Cats Will Never Take a Break from Their Pest Control Ability

Still not convinced cats are bats are the best pest control warriors you need? Think about cats being rodent hunting robots that never take a break. Although we aren’t promoting keeping your cat hungry, feed it intelligently to let it look for mice around the house.

Cats will always hunt rodents even when they are not hungry. Cats are natural-born hunters and will kill their prey even if they don’t want to consume it. Some cats even save prey for later having killed it. You will get around the clock mice, rat and all other rodent control winner.

Cats Can Scare Invaders Away Usually

Cats also kill pests like cockroaches, lizards and many others. They are known to scare away many types of rodents and pests. Our recommendation of cats and bats for quality pest control in your home is based around them both having a hunter personality.

This hunter personality of cats’ helps scare invaders away. However, cats will hunt down bats as well if they get too close. Also, bats are experts at avoiding cats and any other hunters as well. So, when you keep cats and bats both for pest control, you will likely get good results.

The Cat Zombie Effect on Rodents

Have you ever heard about rodents coming towards cats on their own without being scared away? Yes, this happens. Might be weird to think but cats have a zombie effect on rodents. Cats have toxoplasma, a parasite that has been proven to cause mind-controlled zombie effect on rodents.

Cats carry this parasite and it can be picked up by rats and mice in the house. When this happens, rodents lose their fear response to cats and will come to them instead of running away. Keep cats and you might never have to call pest control Langley services for rodent removal.

Bats Hunt Smaller Pests Especially Flying Ones

Cats and bats become the best pair of pest control warriors. Where cats hunt rodents, bats go for smaller pests like mosquitoes, flees and bugs of all kinds. Bats might not be cuddly as cats but do their part in pest control anywhere. This is why corn crops will almost always have bats around.

Bats will hunt down flying bugs and insects in your garden or the lawn area. You do not necessarily have to reside bats inside the house. Keep them in the lawn or garden and they will stop pest populations from growing. Follow our cats and bats advice and save your property from larger pest issues.