April 15, 2021


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3 Instagram Hacks to Brand Your Health and Fitness Business in 2021


Instagram is a visually appealing social media channel that health and fitness businesses can use to their benefit this year. The platform has more than a billion users every month and several advertising opportunities. That is why more and more health and wellness brands are making the most out of Instagram to grow their followers, enhance brand awareness, and improve sales figures.

Before working on your Instagram marketing, understand what your audiences want. Do they like to visit your IG account for inspiration, amusement, education, or just to browse through high-definition photos of your healthy recipes and workout methods?

According to an article published online, researching the relevant hashtags in your niche industry will help you to promote your health and fitness products or services. You can use hashtagify.me to look for related hashtags.

In this article, we will walk you through these three tips to brand your health and fitness business in 2021. Read on to learn more.

  1. Plan your Instagram Feed as well as Stories

Instagram is all about breathtaking visuals and therefore, you need to plan strategically when it comes to your photos and Instagram Stories content. Make sure you keep your IG content consistent, neat, and relevant to your branding, visually through high-definition images and story content. The brand colors, visuals, and fonts related to your health business must reflect consistency and have clarity when people see your posts.

When it comes to Instagram Stories, they remain for 24 hours. You can use this IG feature in a customized and spontaneous way without fretting too much about aesthetics. That is because your normal Instagram photos should be visually stunning, but as far as stories are concerned, they could be anything like a casual day in your business, a video of your customer trying the fitness exercises you recommended, and things like that. There is no need to curate content when it comes to IG Stories.

Share a couple of behind-the-scenes content related to your health and fitness brand. You may even share photos and videos of your customers, their healthy lifestyle, how they meditate, etc. Make sure you have a content plan in place to make your Instagram marketing bring positive results. Once you know which content to post throughout the week, there is no need to wonder which post to create for the next day.

  1. Work on your Instagram image and bio

The first impression is the last. This rule holds when it comes to your Instagram profile picture and bio. When a follower clicks on your IG account, you need to grab his or her attention, highlight your health product offerings, and give them valid reasons to follow your brand. The best way to ensure this is by ensuring your profile image and bio aligns with your business goals. You need to mention in your bio why your health and fitness is unique and how it will benefit your followers within 150 characters. Therefore, use powerful words and be to the point to pique audience interest. There is no point in beating about the bush. Ensure that the bio is clear, concise, and mentions what your business is all about after all. A persuasive bio and stunning Instagram content will help you buy real Instagram followers.

Figure out which kind of hyperlink you will use in the bio, where does it redirect your followers. Though Instagram will let you use one URL in the bio section, you may use Linktree to redirect your followers to multiple links.

When you are using your profile picture, make sure that it aligns with your brand culture and brand colors. You need to make your business look credible to your targeted audiences.

  1. Ensure that your brand looks consistent on Instagram

The key to successful Instagram marketing is to maintain consistency when it comes to your brand voice as well as photos or videos. If most of your posts focus on health tips, ideas, balanced diet using a specific brand color such as blue, and suddenly your posts include bright, jazzy colors like pink or red, it will hurt your Instagram content and engagement levels. In simple words, all your Instagram images should maintain relevancy and consistency so that followers can identify your health products and services.

You can use tools to ensure that your Instagram colors, fonts, as well as visuals, stay consistent on your feed as well as your health website and other promotional materials. The best way to understand which brand colors, voice, and message to use is by knowing about your brand persona. Consistency matters because inconsistent Instagram posts will perplex your audience, which detrimental to your health and fitness business.


If you would want people to learn more about your health business, you need to build your Instagram audience and increase the number of followers and engagement level with the best content.