April 16, 2021


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Implementing Contactless Communication with Paging Systems

The global pandemic has highlighted the need for contactless communication in institutions that have to contend with constant human traffic daily. In hospitals especially where the risk of COVID-19 exposure is very high, a hospital paging system is not just a convenience but a necessity to ensure safety.

In the healthcare industry where emergencies are the norm, a staff paging system can help to optimize operational efficiency. Apart from staff communication, a hospital paging system can also help in the management of patients. This is not only important for reducing wait times but also helps prevent crowding in a post-pandemic world.

For the healthcare industry, pagers are an ideal solution to ensure safe contactless communication between staff, clients, and departments. However contactless communication could also help to enhance safety measures for businesses facing the same risks. Whether it is a busy factory, learning institution, or restaurant, a paging system can help facilitate safe contactless communication.

Benefits of Paging Systems

Minimize Crowding

A paging system can be a very efficient way of managing crowds. In hospitals, patients can be alerted through pagers when it is their turn. This eliminates the need for patients to crowd together in waiting rooms.

In restaurants and other businesses where clients need to be served, customer paging systems can help to manage lines efficiently. This helps to keep both clients and staff safe by keeping traffic low and manageable.

Discreet and Unobtrusive

In hospital settings, maintaining a calm and serene atmosphere is essential for the peace of mind of patients and visitors. Pagers are unobtrusive and can be used to summon both staff and patients discreetly. This ensures there is minimal disruption to other patients.

Other businesses such as factories can also benefit from the unobtrusive nature of a staff paging system. Instead of making announcements over PAs that disrupt the entire building, pagers can be used to directly communicate to one or multiple people.

Fast Communication in Emergencies

Emergency alerts can be sent easily through a paging system, ensuring that there is a swift response when emergencies arise. Whether it is a patient who needs to see a doctor or a doctor who needs to contact a nurse or caregiver, pagers are fast and reliable.

When using a paging system, you can contact staff or clients wherever they are, provided they are within range. This is because a wireless system does not require people to be seated at their desks. This feature is important not just for hospitals but also for other businesses with large operating floors and rotating staff stations such as factories, restaurants, and department stores.

Ease of Implementation

Unlike wireless technology, the installation of wireless paging systems is swift and easy to adopt. This means that for businesses looking to switch to contactless communication there are no extended downtimes.

Paging systems are easy to implement and can be easily integrated into your existing communication system for a seamless transition. In businesses such as restaurants and hospitals, the need for a more socially distanced communication strategy is even more important in the current climate. Changing from wireless technology to paging systems can be done quickly ensuring minimum disruptions to operations.