Top 6 Window Treatment Trends for 2021 So Far

Top 6 Window Treatment Trends for 2021 So Far

Window treatment trends like anything else, keep changing every so often. With most people redoing their interiors every year, the yearly cycle for window treatments ideas continues. 2021, despite a false start (to say the least), is big on home renovations and designs.

When it comes to window designs, there must be attention to detail. Window treatment trends this year are also like always based around overall designs and finishes for the entire room. Here are some of the best window treatment ideas that are working great in 2021.

1: Shutters Are the New Window Treatment Trends Replacing Blinds

Blinds and drapes are been working well for decades. Drapes and curtains have been the choice for window treatments for centuries. Blinds are more recent. Something even more recent is window shutters. Different designs, materials and styles of shutters have popped up recently for the better.

All the variety in window shutter designs is now providing boosted levels of elegance and theme options. Window shutters are far more resilient and climate control supportive than any other past window treatments. They look good, they are much longer lasting and offer climate control for rooms.

2: Old Window Treatment Trends with Touch of Modernism

Many people still appreciate a touch of classic window treatment trends. Renovating your home is all about doing things that match the whole layout. If you have a house that is built with classic designs in mind, class décor will suit best. That applies to window treatment ideas as well like everything else.

Window treatments of the past decades including large bulky drapes can still work great. Spruce them up by adding dim edge lights on the top fixture. Add some side panels to them for some extra attention. Have dim ceiling lights illuminating good old drapes tastefully. They will not let you down any time soon.

3: Fully Lifting Open Floor Style for Maximum Light

Open floor plans are becoming more popular every year. People want more daylight and space that they can appreciate. This is where window treatment trends have helped as well. Fully lifting window treatments including large roller blinds, roman shades and shutters are being liked more and more.

With fully lifting window dressings, you can reveal the window glass fully. This can be particularly helpful when you have a wide-open floor plan for the living room or any space in the home or office. Simply lift these up during the day time for maximum light and roll them down during the night for privacy.

4: High-Tech Motorized Blinds and Curtains Still Alight

All this attention on more modern window treatment trends doesn’t mean elements of the past are gone completely. Adding that high-tech touch to good old blinds and curtains can still work great. In fact, this is one of the trendiest modern window treatment ideas to date.

Motorized blinds and curtains can be daylight automated as well when needed. Sensors can have them covering windows when there is daylight or the vice versa. This extended functionality makes motorized window coverings more popular. These are available for lower-than-expected prices usually too.

5: Coastal Colors Are the New Trend for Window Treatment Trends

When it comes to window treatment trends, its all about color and presentation. This is where things have changed quite a lot. Coastal colors are becoming the new trend for window treatments. These give the feeling of openness and luxury when done right in any types of interiors.

Window treatment ideas have evolved quite a lot. Refreshing coastal colors are here to make an impression in 2021 and moving forward. These provide the best of window coverings and refreshing colors combined in one. Get yours in colors that you will appreciate for a long time.

6: Cordless Blinds Are Safer and More Trendy

Another modern touch on somewhat classic window treatment trends is to go cordless. Cords are not safe for pets and kids. Cordless blinds in shape of integral blinds, automated moving parts and many others are available easily. These make quite an impression as well.

In addition to being safer, cordless blinds are also very less cumbersome. You do not have to hide any cords or strings at all. They look sleeker and more elegant in any shape or form. Wooden cordless blinds are some of the most popular today offering great functionality any time.