What do you need to know about Instagram likes hiding?

What do you need to know about Instagram likes hiding?


Last year Instagram decided to hide the number of likes on the posts from seven different countries. The first country to see this new step from Instagram is Canada. Japan, Italy, Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand followed.

Because of this big change, Instagram users began to wonder what the purpose of the company is. Some even asked if this was the end of Instagram, especially for those who routinely get Instagram followers and likes as a marketing tactic. Numerous social media marketers were also affected by the change in the company. Of course, if they can’t see the likes in their posts, they don’t know how their social media campaigns are performing.

Why was Instagram likes hidden?

According to Mia Garlicky, the director of politics at Facebook Australia and New Zealand, they hope that hiding like Instagram will remove the pressure on how many likes posts are received. This will help people focus more on sharing the things they love on the platform. Garlicky added that the goal of the test is to see if the change can help people focus more on telling their story rather than just getting likes.

Garlic’s testimony suggests that Instagram is trying to end the platform’s toxic popularity environment. As everyone knows, many Instagram users are putting themselves under pressure to keep up with many major influencers. Because of this, the platform wanted to eliminate people’s attitudes that the photos they post are not worthy without a high number of likes.

Still, many people, especially social media influencers, panic. It’s like they think that without the visible number of likes and engagement rates they will no longer be considered popular or successful.

What you need to know about Instagram’s new change

It’s worth noting that while followers can’t see how many likes a post has, the account that posted that content can still monitor their likes and engagements. Because of this, brands and influencers can still see which of their posts are working and which are not.

What do you need to know about Instagram likes hiding?

While those viewing the post can still see the list of people who liked it. However, you cannot see the total number of likes. By briefly scrolling the “Like” tab of the post, Instagram users can see which of the posts in their news feed have the most and the fewest likes.

The pros and cons of hidden Instagram likes

Like every other feature on Instagram, hiding likes has its advantages and disadvantages.


The professionals:

Smaller and newer Instagram accounts fit into huge Instagram accounts without believing that they look inferior. Hence, small accounts on the platform get more credibility.

Influencers who like bots in the form of bots are also exposed. So people will find out the influencers who inorganically grew their preferences. By hiding Instagram likes, influencers have to prove that they have organic influence through actions on their accounts, e.g. B. Comments and link click instead of likes in their posts.

If you remove Instagram users’ ability to see likes, the number of likes on their posts will no longer matter. So you can post anything freely without worrying about not getting a lot of likes. To be honest, almost all Instagram users worry and stress how many likes their posts are getting. This is something that Instagram is trying to get rid of.

Also, it gets users’ attention to the things that are important on the platform without seeing the number of likes. Influencers and brands are more focused on getting people to take various actions on their accounts, including clicking links, commenting, and sending a DM. These actions must be pursued by every social media marketer as they become a high rate Lead ROI in sales and traffic.

The disadvantages:

If there’s one real negative effect this change brings to Instagram, it’s the fact that it loses its perceived credibility on the platform. It’s no secret that Instagram and other social media users base an account’s popularity and brand authority on the number of likes its posts have.

What do you need to know about Instagram likes hiding?

Also, people trying to buy products on Instagram have a hard time knowing whether the account they are buying the product from is trustworthy or not. This can lead to a failure to purchase a good product.

Measure success and popularity without Instagram likes

Measuring popularity and success on Instagram by the number of likes you get is a vanity metric created by the obsession with getting thousands of likes. These likes give you an instant rush. But if you haven’t got the number of likes you want, you will crash, feel disappointed, frustrated, and even not good enough.

However, this does not mean that Instagram likes are useless. If the likes you get are from your target audience, it means you are going in the right direction. Visit the sociallygo and buy Instagram likes Australia.

However, likes aren’t the only measure of success. There are many other metrics that you can use to measure your success on the platform more clearly. These metrics include link clicks, shares, comments, DMs, story swipe-ups, and contacts via email, phone call, or text. These actions are only carried out by those who are interested in what you are promoting. When people take the above actions, it means you’ve successfully spoken to them about your content. Plus, these promotions are also an indication that they care about you and that you have encouraged them to turn their attention to you and your brand.