Top Digital Marketing Courses To Upgrade Your Skills

Marketers are trying new tactics to stand out from the crowd, and one such strategy that increases sales results is digital marketing. With a steady increase of internet users (22% of the population is on Facebook and 51% of users are on Instagram) across the globe, choosing the best digital marketing course is a fantastic way to boost your career.


If you see the digital marketing space’s history, you’ll notice that continually upgrading the skills can help set you apart from the pack. Hence, we bring you the best digital marketing programs from reputable companies that will help you build a robust online presence. 


But before that, let’s have a look at the significance of these certifications and courses first.


Why Is A Digital Marketing Course Important?


Online certification offered by reputed training organisations can be a lifesaver for various professionals and aspiring marketers. It gives you proven skills to be a star in the workforce and stay updated with the latest digital tools. The demand for digital specialists with finely tuned skills is increasing in every imaginable industry. 


You will find ample job opportunities in this industry with a pay scale ranging from $73,000 to $114,000. The job profiles include SEO Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Content Marketers, Social Media Managers, and many more.


Five Best Digital Marketing Training to Choose From Our Picks

  • Koenig Solutions’ Digital Marketing Course


The Koenig Solutions Digital Marketing Program is a seven-day workshop that delivers in-depth training on these disciplines: Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Web Analytics, Video Marketing, Mobile & Affiliate Marketing. With a 99% succession rate and 500,000+ students certified so far, it is a big deal in the digital marketing arena.


If you want to acquire skills covering the digital disciplines in-depth, Koenig Solutions offers the best course to provide a core training experience. It is beneficial for those wanting to learn digital marketing skills and master the relevant areas as required. As a certified digital marketer, this certification helps you implement creative skills into the actual business plan. 

  • Google Digital Marketing Course


Google offers a comprehensive course on digital marketing that Open University and other prominent organisations accredit. If you plan to break into the internet marketing sphere, this course is the most effective way to expand your knowledge. 


The course promises that you can become a successful digital marketer and increase your web traffic in less than 60 days. You can expect to brush up on the real-world skills to succeed in the business and explore sections of the course in videos and check-in questions.

  • Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program


The Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing program is an intensive 12-week course that brings you up to speed with the latest digital implementations. The training includes topics like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Video Advertising.


This certification will help you grab a lucrative career as a content creator or social media manager for big brands. The key advantages of the course are that you will learn all the skills needed to become an expert in digital marketing.

  • Coursera’s Digital Marketing Specialization


It is a beginner’s course that lets you explore various aspects of digital marketing in-depth. It includes a wide range of marketing specialisations like Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics, and many more.


The course is designed to educate in chunks over six months. It is also available for free with Coursera’s ‘Sign Up Now’ option, which can be accessed from your laptop or mobile devices anytime, anywhere around the world.

  • Edureka’s Digital Marketing Certification Training


Edureka offers an extensive range of digital marketing programs, from introductory courses to advanced training. They offer a variety of training, including SEO Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and E-mail Campaigns.


With Edureka’s digital marketing training online, you’ll learn all about how search engine optimisation works- you’ll even be able to identify critical errors on your website that could cost traffic or conversions! You will also gain knowledge in campaign setup, content strategy, link building techniques, A/B testing tools, etc.




That said, these are the best organisations to learn the practical application at a reasonable digital marketing course cost. It opens up various possibilities and impressive job titles with certificates to adorn your new skills on LinkedIn. Thus, enhance your career growth opportunities now!


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