Waterproof Core Flooring: Its Performance Compared To Other Hardwoods

Waterproof Core Flooring: Its Performance Compared To Other Hardwoods

If you are in the market for a new floor, consider such flooring. SPC stands for synthetic polyvinyl chloride. Used for years by leading retailers and manufacturers, this affordable product stands for strength, durability, and moisture resistance, making it ideal for bathrooms, kitchen, and even some outdoor applications.

Benefits of Core flooring

Unlike many other manufacturers, SPC takes great pride in its product line. One of the most popular choices in high-end commercial flooring is their Stone Vinyl composite. Replacing hardwood or stone floors with durable and easy to maintain artificial counterparts, this flooring offers a wide range of benefits. By using a moisture barrier, this flooring resists water damage and acts as a natural bug deterrent. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and stone pools, this flooring can be found in a large assortment of colors and finishes including;

a great choice for fly fishers

As you travel from town to town, you may notice some areas with a bit more of this Brandywine valley crappie activity. Although small, these populations prove that these fish do indeed stay around. Small or large, the crappie will hit your local bait shop pretty consistently year-round and are always worth the search. Spc flooring Dubai makes good bait because the surface is rough and non-absorbent. In addition to great bait presentation, this floor will also stand up well to wear and tear on your typical fishing trip. Ideal for small streams and creek beds, this is a great choice for fly fishers, deep-water fishermen, and other outdoor enthusiasts.


Limestone is a popular choice for many homeowners, but many overlook the beauty of SPC flooring. The rocks have a brown to gold shine that some call “stone dust.” While this stone may be a bit different than the “normal” variety of limestone, this type still has its great qualities and advantages.

durability and strength

One of the best things about SPC flooring is the durability and strength it displays. It has six layers of hardwood layers, which is the highest number of layers that can be found in a wood-plastic composite. This level of durability and performance is rare and appreciated in today’s world. Two additional layers are used for resins and linings to help protect the wood from moisture and termites, which are especially helpful during rainy seasons and in states with frequent hurricane activity.

stability underfoot

Another benefit is the stability underfoot. Spc flooring is one of the few flooring products with this stability rating, which means that it won’t buckle, slide, or bow underfoot. If you toss or flip a heavy item on your foot, you know what I mean. This stability underfoot rating in limestone is another reason why consumers love SPC. No matter how many times this type of flooring is placed underfoot, no problems develop.

waterproof core

Spc has utilized a unique manufacturing process in order to obtain their waterproof core. The manufacturing process is a two-part process and starts by converting the SPC into a solid resin. The resin is then injected into a template, which is similar to the core design in many other types of wood products. Only this time, a liquid spacer is added to the resin, creating a larger surface area, which allows for the production of even layers of resin. Once this is done, the product is baked, cooled, and finally manually rolled to form the flooring.


When you compare SPC to other types of hardwood, such as oak, most people will agree that SPC performs better than most floors. There are a couple of reasons for this performance, but the two types of layers used are the most important. Although both of these layers produce different levels of wear and tear, the way in which SPC is laid out and cured causes it to have a more stable surface than other woods. This stability makes it a great choice for homes with children or pets. In addition, since SPC is not susceptible to cracking and buckling like most traditional hardwoods, it is a much safer choice for use in your home, even though it costs more. Just go to united furniture Dubai and get a professional SPC flooring service.