Do We Need a Smart Byte Update?

Do We Need a Smart Byte Update?

Many users have not updated since they got the Dell Smart Byte update. Here, if you are one of those users, you can go for the latest Dell Smart Byte update to fix any problem related to this software. Hence, we have provided a step-by-step guide to update your Smart Byte.


How do we update the Smart Byte Driver?


Step 1: Here, you may also download and install the latest version of your Wireless and Ethernet drivers.


Step 2: Then, you have to reboot your PC as soon as prompted after each Smart Byte driver update.


Step 3: Now, you may have to taste the network performance of your PC and record the results.


Note: Thus, if it does not make a change, go for Smart Byte Application Update. Thus, you can find What is SmartByte by reading the detailed article for reference.


How do we update the Smart Byte Application Update?


Step 1: Here, you have to go to the Start menu and type Control Panel.


Step 2: Now, you need to record your version of Smart Byte and keep it handy.


Step 3: Next, you may have to click and visit the page.


Step 4: Here, you will also see the name of the latest version of Smart Byte. Now, you can also click the DOWNLOAD button to install it.


Step 5: Finally, you can also run a Smart Byte speed test to see the notable changes in it.


Therefore, if both of these processes fail to provide you with a resolution, you can also have to disable or uninstall Smart Byte. Here, there is no other way of retrieving your internet speed except for these. now, you can scroll down to know the methods.


How do we Disable Smart Byte?


Here, you must ask yourself before you uninstall SmartByte, should we disable Smart Byte? Yes, we ask you to give it a second thought. Because once you may uninstall the Smart Byte software, it will also be a pretty much hassle to install it again. Hence, it will be best if you tried disabling Smart Byte first. Thus, you must opt for uninstalling the program if that doesn’t help you out.


However, you must learn the steps to disable Smart Byte now.


Step 1: Here, you have to press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc buttons at a time to open Task Manager on your PC.


Step 2: Now, you can also have to navigate to the Startup tab on your system.


Step 3: Here, you will see the Smart Byte Utility since this software always runs in the system’s background.


Step 4: Once you find it, you can finally select it, and you have to click on the Disable button on the shown screen.


Now you can have successfully disabled Smart Byte software. If disabling the application does not fix your issue, you try removing it.


How do we Uninstall Smart Byte?


Smart Byte Removal is the last method you must try to fix the sluggish nature of your PC. Here are the below steps to uninstall Smart Byte from your PC.


How do we need to Smart Byte Removal from Control Panel?


Step 1: Here, you can also type the Control Panel in the Start menu search bar of your PC.


Step 2: Now, you need to click on the Open button displayed on your system screen.


Step 3: Then, you have to scroll down to the Programs, and you can also click on Uninstall a program from your system.


Step 4: After that, you can also find Smart Byte Drivers and Services from the list of programs and right-click on it.


Step 5: Now, you may click on the Uninstall button to finally remove the Smart Byte software from your PC.


How to remove or uninstall Smartbyte from Windows:


  • Here, it would be best if you right-clicked on the Windows Start button.
  • Now, you can also select App and Features option from the list. It is usually locating at the top.
  • Then, you have to locate the utility named Smart Byte from the list.
  • Thus, you can also find the tool, click on it, and click on uninstall the Smart Byte on your PC.