All You Need To Know About Rights Of Passengers In Car Accidents

Car accidents are horrible in many ways. Apart from the losses the driver or the owner of vehicles goes through, others involved in the mishap suffer alike. These others can either be the pedestrians on the road, or the passengers in the same vehicle. As for drivers, there can be a lot of debate as to who was at fault, but passengers’ claim for getting settlement money for their damages is pretty straightforward.

If you end up treating an injury or paying for medical bills because you were traveling with someone who wasn’t careful enough, know that you’re entitled to greater compensation, as compared to the driver. 

Receiving compensation money if you were a passenger than a driver is relatively easy, but the process isn’t smooth and straight. Matters of law are best handled by someone who is well-versed in the subject. There are a lot of intricacies that you need to be aware of before. Therefore, if you’re going to submit a personal injury claim in Glasgow, get in touch with Wallace Legal, and let our expert solicitors help you out. Continue reading to learn in detail about passengers’ rights. 


The Duty Of Care

The law of the UK makes it clear that any person who drives any vehicle should oblige by all the rules and regulations to ensure others remain safe. These drivers owe a duty of care towards the passengers driving with them, other drivers on the road, as well as pedestrians. The duty of care applies not only to drivers on the road, but even to those who drive trains, boats, and even aeroplanes. 

If the driver is found driving recklessly, as a result of which the passengers with the driver sustain injuries or, in worst-case scenarios, die, the passenger or their family members reserve the right to sue for damages. 


Who Is To Be Held Liable If A Passenger Gets Hurt?

For drivers, the claim can go either way, because of the dispute. The blame can be shared or could go either way too. However, for passengers there’s only one outcome; they get the compensation because they cannot be deemed at fault for the accident. If you or someone you know was found in a similar situation, you can sue:

  • The person driving your car
  • The other driver that caused the accident
  • Both the drivers, if you’re sure that both of them showed negligence
  • Local authorities; if the accident was caused due to poorly made roads, potholes, a slippery surface, or bad street lights
  • Car manufacturer, if you feel the accident happened because of malfunctions in the car.

You also have the right to sue the driver if you:

  • Knew that the driver had consumed alcohol before taking the steering wheel
  • Knew that the driver was continuously using their phone while driving and this distraction caused the accident
  • Knew that the driver was not abiding by the road safety precautions.


Who Will Pay The Damages?

You have all the right to claim against the driver who made you suffer. However, in some cases, people are apprehensive about going against drivers since the driver was either their family member, a friend or someone they knew for a long time. Rest assured that the claim you’re making against them won’t do them any damage. This is because the drivers’ insurers will be paying the damages. You won’t bring any harm to the driver in particular, and will also get your deserved claim. 


Taxi Accident Claims

Passenger accident claims are mostly made against taxi services or taxi drivers. Taxi drivers are, in most cases, very careful with their job, but a handful among the vast majority do end up showing negligence in their duties. If you happen to be a victim of their negligence, submit a taxi accident claim at your earliest. According to the law of the UK, all taxi drivers in the country are bound to have motor insurance and public liability insurance for any such mishap. 

At Wallace Legal, we operate on the No win No fee basis, so you won’t have to pay a penny if your case fails. There is no loss in claiming your rights. Moreover, our solicitors will help you take all the right actions throughout the process of the case using their in-depth knowledge and experience in the field.  

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