How Does Naming Affect Your Kid’s Personality?

How Does Naming Affect Your Kid’s Personality?

When the baby is born or sometimes even before the birth, the first thing that parents are always thinking about how they are going to name him or her.

Name consists of a very important part in everyone’s life because they are going to be called with that name for their whole lives.

So, when it comes to naming your kids always be super careful because know that it will somehow be going to have an impact on their personality.

How do we name kids:

Muslim names:

When it comes to Muslim countries or the Muslims, then we know that they name them keeping their religion in their mind.

They usually name them according to their religious words or the Prophets or the people who are close to their heart.

The most common name in Muslims is thought to be Muhammad because it is our last Holy Prophets SAW name.

Muslims also name their kids from the words that they learn in the Holy Quran. Most of the people while naming kids pick up a word from Quran without even looking for its meaning which turns out to be wrong.


Other people in the non-Muslim countries name their kids depending upon what they like for example if they like the name atheena they will look for the meaning of atheena and if it seems right to them then they will name their kid with it.

They also choose the names of their tribes as the second or the third name for their kids and most commonly choose it for everybody around them.

These people think too much before they name their kids because they feel like name holds very huge importance in a person’s life.

Does your name affect your personality?

Different people have different points of view regarding this, but I personally think that names have a very huge effect on the personality of people.

There are a lot of people who will not agree with it because they think how a name alone can affect a kid’s personality.

You might believe it or not but the name of the person tells a lot about the person because they have a lot of impact on them.

There is a search regarding it that the name of the person is how they are shaped further as in their personality.

In some studies, it is stated that the person is looked at depending upon what his name is because people make a face of them in their head when their minds and feel like they will turn out exactly like that.

How does your name affect your kid’s personality?

While you might have a little different perception than mine, but I feel like whatever you name your kid is how they are going to grow.

For example, if the meaning of your kid’s name is bright, then they will have a bright outlook on everything in life and they will have that energy in them that will just make everything brighter.

Similarly, if the name of a person means something like weak or lazy then they will clearly show that in their personalities because it just happens naturally.

So, before you name your kid, you should always look for its meaning so that it does not go wrong anyway.

Importance of naming:

One thing is clear that no matter if the person gets the personality of his or her name or not but name still is a very important part because they are going to be called with that their whole lives.

When you are naming your kid always think about three things, is the name right? Is the meaning of the name right? And does it sound fine when it is being called?

When you will keep these three things in your mind you will automatically name the kid right and it will be proper to be used in the future.

Add the name of your elderly or whoever you respect as the second name of your kid, or you can also use the name of your tribe for this purpose.

These are some of the ways how people name their kids or how you can name your kids in the future if you want to.

Always make sure that the name that you are using is full of positivity so that it fills your kids with positivity in the future and also the people around them.

Keep the names short and simple so that they are easy to be called and are also very respectful.

When you will follow all these points the name will then surely turn out to be good and will also have a good meaning.

So, yes. These are the right ways to name your kids.

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