TITAN IMPACT 440 – Review

TITAN IMPACT 440 – Review

Titan 440 was introduced in the industry in the year 1986. At the time it was introduced, the paint sprayers and machines during those times use to bigger, more expensive, heavier and practically very hard for painters to use, be it professional or DIYers.

The titan 440 revolutionized the industry by offering portability, high-quality performance at extremely affordable prices and therefore became a go-to sprayer for thousand of paint contractors.

A Brief History:

Titan is a company that was founded in Plymouth, TN, the U.S.A. in the year 1970s. The company became an instant success after producing high quality and high-performance tools and equipment for the painting industry. The impact 440, highlights the company’s breakthrough in the industry.

Titan impact 440, as soon as it was introduced in the market became a popular product among the painting professionals, and soon after amateurs as well. It was the first paint sprayer that was priced in an affordable range and was light-weight. Because of these two factors, the machine was an immediate success. It became a very convenient and practical solution for the professional and in very little time every paint shop had this machine and no painter was not aware of The titan impact 440.

Just like every other product in the market, titan 440 has had its ups and downs as well. But with time and technology, the titan impact 440 has become an accessory to a painter. It is not just a machine, but the user of this machine claim this machine gives an outlook of getting the job done. It is quick and it is efficient. Due to these qualities titan, 400 became an immediate success.

TITAN IMPACT 440 – Details:

Titan impact is considered a very efficient spray machine, be it a residential job or any other. Many contractors and DIYers swear by it. The machine falls within the category of one of the best Airless sprayers and falls within the company’s level 2 of product classification. This particular model provides much more capacity and capabilities as compared to other models from the company.

Like most Airless sprayers there are a few must-do’s for this spray machine as well. It requires a particular set up and different procedures to maintain the spray machine and ensure an efficient and consistent result. It is not easy to use for homeowner’s projects the machine is a much better use for production projects. The machine can be used for spraying 50 to 100 gallons, per week.

To utilize the machine to the best of its abilities and capacities, it is recommended to be used by professionals rather than homeowners or DIYers. This although it does not mean in any way, cannot be used by amateurs.

Features of Titan 440:

  • The packings included in Titan 440 have special wipes that help in the clean up of abrasive materials to prevent them from coming into contact with piston etc. The package material help in extending the life of the sprayer.
  • The sprayer has a feature of AutoOiler. It helps in keeping the machine oiled for maximum protection after you press the auto oiler button. This is an important feature that helps in lengthening the life of the machine and keeps it well maintained.
  • After every paint job, it is important to clean the spray machine n order to ensure efficient performance after every use. The Titan 440 has a feature that makes the cleanup process relatively shorter.



  • Titan 440 is a machine that is very simple to understand. That is why it is loved by amateurs as well as professionals. The control panels and buttons are very easy to use.
  • The spray machine has an outstanding warranty policy, which lets us be real, ensures and gives security for users who do business with this machine.
  • The machine has policies, tools, and kits that ensure the longest life of your titan 440.
  • A lot of Titan 440 users claim that the machine performs well and gets the job done beautifully. No matter what the paint type is used, for e.g lacquer, titan 440 ensures a smooth and consistent finish.
  • Titan offers a lot of spray patterns and the users love that control that they have over giving patterns and designs to their job.


  • At the time the product was introduced, the spray machine was relatively cheaper but now in 2020, it is considered expensive compared to competitor’s prices.
  • The machine limits the usage of gallons per week, which limits this machine to a smaller job. Therefore big projects become a hassle with titan 440.
  • The only hassle with titan impact 440 is that the clean up is a hassle. The machine requires thorough cleanup for consistently good results and machine life.
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