5 things to look for in a commercial floor cleaning company

Are you searching for a “commercial marble cleaning or floor cleaning company near me in Cambridge MA”? Then do not make the common mistake of hiring someone that pops up on the top search results. 

Scrutinize, analyze, and verify before signing that paycheck. Commercial floor cleaners use high-quality cleaning products to maximize the safety of your property and the people working.

Here are five things you must keep an eye out for when hiring a commercial floor cleaning company.

1. Verify the necessary documentation

While browsing for commercial cleaners, see whether your chosen company meets the market standards or not with legit licensing and insurance registration. 

Find out whether the company is offering insurance coverage to its employees or not that will cover medical bills in case of an injury or recovery of funds if there is a mishap. The liability insurance must offer protection according to the size of your property.

2. Assess the credibility

It is imperative that you hire people with high morals and integrity since they will be entering your personal vicinity for extended periods. You can gauge the credibility by reading the reviews online written by individuals on their social media and website. Verify their credibility by talking to their past clients, etc.

Inquire about how the company vets all their employees. You do not want to hire an ex-criminal disguised as a floor cleaner on your commercial property. 

3. Look for customer-oriented floor cleaners

Offering top-notch customer services should be a priority of any commercial cleaning company. The company must invest its time and resources in training all its cleaners to uphold high standards of professionalism. 

The cleaners must be well equipped to handle all types of cleaning needs and should offer market standard services in the given timeframe. They should also regularly communicate with the owner and should be ready to work even under emergency situations. 

A good floor cleaning company would regularly follow up once their janitors leave your property. This way you can communicate your concerns easily and get tailored services. 

4. Use of good quality commercial and environment-friendly cleaning products 

Go for the floor cleaning company that prompts eco-friendly cleaning techniques and products. Inquire in detail about their cleaning techniques and the type of products or equipment they use, then check whether everything aligns with their “eco-friendly” perspective or not. 

The use of automatic scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, and cleaners must not cause noise pollution in the workplace and should be regularly filtered between shifts. You do not want cleaners to generate ear-piercing sounds disrupting your employees. 

Also, check if the cleaners have taken the necessary training in eco-friendly procedures or not. 

5. Transparent pricing and payment policy 

Hiring a company that is completely transparent about its pricing and payment policy will make things a lot simpler for you. Inquire about everything they are charging you for and get an in-depth cost breakdown in written form before proceeding with the payment. 

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