6 Classroom Products To Make Education More Inclusive

Teachers work hard to introduce inclusive learning to their classrooms, which aims to educate the students with special needs. An inclusive learning environment is one where there is no differentiation between the students, and every student gets an equal chance. In a nutshell, it is all about educating all students, alongside peers with special needs.

If you are a tutor working in an inclusive classroom, below are a few classroom products to make your learning space more inclusive-


Undoubtedly, technology is an integral part of a 21st-century classroom. It helps students keep up with the ever-changing world and provides more accessibility to learners with special needs. Be it an iPad, computer, or other assistive devices, any type of technology plays an important role in an inclusive classroom.

In addition, it offers educational software and a more convenient curriculum to special children. Also, it makes lessons more appealing for the students and fosters inclusion in a classroom in many ways.

Visual Aides

One of the most important products that support inclusion in a classroom is visual aides. Not only do they attract students, but they also help tutors explain a lesson more effectively. These aides come in several forms. You can explore the best educational products USA and have a variety of aides available in your classroom.

Some examples of visual aides include number lines, graphic organizers, posters, schedules, or other paper types, like a graph, plain, etc. It could be a television, iPad, or a smart board too.

Popsicle Sticks

Tutors require a way to choose students for the classroom-based activities. While they can use different strategies for this, popsicle sticks are the best. In this method, each of the children’s names is put on a stick, and all the sticks are placed in a jar.

Now, when a teacher wants to make teams of students or complete a task, a stick is taken out. This way, tutors can ensure that each student in the class gets a chance to participate in activities, or answer a question, or do a task. In other words, this strategy supports the equal participation of students.

High-Interest Audio Books

The objective of creating an inclusive classroom is to recognize that all students learn things in different ways at different rates. Teachers need to create lessons that can help the students with varying abilities and something that every student can use.

Along with the textbooks, they can use books that students can read for enjoyment. They can look for interesting audiobooks for different age groups that can be read by individuals at different age levels. It is an excellent way to make a classroom more inclusive.


An inclusive classroom is one that offers a curriculum for different types of learners. Hands-on manipulatives are an important tool for students, allowing them to showcase their knowledge, develop understanding, and make sense of deep concepts.

Students can investigate a problem to find a solution via manipulatives. Doing so will change their way of thinking, i.e., from procedural understanding to conceptual understanding. No matter what the age group is, they are beneficial for making a classroom more inclusive.

Good Behavior Management

A good behavior management system in a classroom helps maintain a safe learning environment. It allows the tutors to highlight the strengths of the students and in turn, provide the learners with cues to positive behavior. When teachers support the positive behavior of students and create a calm learning atmosphere, it offers the best learning conditions to the students.

These are some of the things teachers can add to their classrooms for more inclusive learning.


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