What is the Best Time to Sell a Car in 2021?

What is the Best Time to Sell a Car in 2021?

When you first buy a brand new vehicle, you are often not concerned about its resale value. However, if you have owned the vehicle after a couple of months or years, it can become a vital factor that you should take into account. Since a car is a great financial investment, it can retain its value as long as you have kept it in a good condition and sell it for a profit. All seems well when you have ample funds to purchase a new vehicle and donate your old vehicle to a car wreckers Brisbane company in 2021.

However, what is the true way to identify the best time to sell your vehicle? Let us discuss a myriad factor to help you determine when you should be ready to sell your car.

Keep the Depreciation in Mind

As soon as you drive away with a new car after paying the money to the dealer, depreciation of the vehicle starts. Not all vehicles depreciate equally; for instance, a truck can depreciate more quickly than a Ford vehicle due to long distances and usage. The amount of depreciation also tells you what your car will be precisely worth in a few months.

However, you can keep in mind a few points. As compared to your old Nissan, your new Mitsubishi can lose its value in the market much quickly. This means that your car can lose almost half of its value within three years.

You can keep your new car for as long as you can. However, after one or two years, the car can be less valuable in the market after first and second year. So, keep it on the road carefully before you expect to sell it for profit.

If you got a second hand car from a second hand car removal company Brisbane, then a large portion of its depreciation is already knocked off. Moreover, if your vehicle has been declared as write off or has been stolen by a thief, then depreciation can also come back to haunt you.


Since the insurance company will only pay for the current value of your car and not the money that you paid for it, this means you will be out of pocket for any depreciation amount.

Sell the Car When It No Longer Serves the Purpose

Since many people prefer to drive flashiest vehicles and don’t care about their depreciation, that is where things begin to get peachy. The best strategy for selling your old car is to sell it when you no longer require it. This means the car is no longer suitable.

For example, when you think about starting a family in Brisbane, your old car may not be the No.1 viable option for you anymore. This means that you need to find a replacement for your car with growing family concerns and needs. Many drivers enjoy small cars as long as family members are less; large cars become a necessity as the family members grow.

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Moreover, another factors about replacing your old car with a new one is the enjoyment factor. When you are certain that your 1983 Toyota Corolla will no longer provide you ultimate joy on the streets, it could be the best time to replace that vehicle. So if you are not enjoying your vehicle, then what is the point in keeping it?

If you have an eye for driving a brand new Audi, then why keep the old-fashioned vehicle still parked in your driveway. Sell it immediately to cash for cars Brisbane companies to get top dollar for cars removals in Australia.

Seasonality Also Matters Before Selling your Car

Yes, that is correct. Seasonality is also the biggest point in measuring the appropriateness of selling. For example, when holidays and seasonal events occur, convertible are often sold for higher prices. In the summer for example, when the temperatures are rising near 30 degrees, people in Australia and America demand more classic sports cars without roofs.


Similar, in winter season, cars and SUVs with four-wheel drive can be sold and bought in large quantities to meet growing needs. If you have a BMW or Nissan Qashqai, then winter can be the best time to sell it.


Moreover, in September, a lot of used vehicles come on roads as people trade up to the new registration vehicles. Since in a special holiday season near Christmas, a car can be a lovely gift for your spouse or girlfriend to meet their daily life needs. Therefore, selling your car at this time of the year is also a great option that can improve your chances of finding the best buyers.

If you are still not clear about when to sell your old car, then contact Top Cash for Car Wreckers in Brisbane to get top cash for cars.

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