What to Look for in a Pizza Stone

If you love pizza, you will probably wish you could make restaurant quality pizza at home. When preparing homemade pizza, many people use a metal baking sheet and are often disappointed with the results. What if there was a perfect alternative to this? Pizza stones have unique properties that contribute to an evenly cooked and extremely delicious pizza. If you are looking to invest in a pizza baking stone, here are the best features to look for:

The type of material

For the pizza stone to be more effective, it should be made of the right materials. Traditional pizza stones are made from stone or ceramic, which are great for making pizza but can be fragile and heavy. Aluminum and stainless steel on the other hand can withstand extremely high temperatures. Pizza stones made of these materials can heat up to 500 degrees without cracking.

The surface area

Some pizza stones are flat on the top and bottom. This feature makes it difficult to get the pizza in and out of the oven. Therefore, ensure that you invest in a pizza baking stone with ridges at the bottom. This helps get the pizza on and off the stone while it stays in position.

Heat transfer properties

Round or square pizza stones made of ceramic are actually the best cooking companions to use if you want a perfectly cooked pizza. Since the stone is porous, it can easily allow moisture to escape from the dough. This ensures that your pizza is not soggy. The best pizza stones should also transfer heat evenly to the cooking pizza.

Range of use

The best baking stone should not only be used to prepare pizza. You should also be able to use it to make bread, roast vegetables, warm food from the freezer and more.


The best shape for a pizza baking stone will depend on your needs and preferences. Most pizza stones are round. But you can also get other options like rectangular or square pizza stones. The size of your pizza usually depends on the size and shape of the stone you use. Square and round pizza stones are recommended for standard pizza baking. Rectangle pizza stones on the other hand are used to make unique types of pizzas.

Type of handles

Wooden handles make it easier to get the stone in and out of the oven. Metal handles can get very hot but are more durable. Remember to take the measurements of the stone including the handles into consideration to make sure it will fit in your oven.


Pizza stones are available in different sizes. If possible, invest in a pizza baking stone that fits perfectly into your oven. A baking stone that is too large will be difficult to get in and out of the oven. These stones get very hot so you will need space to handle them properly. If you have an outdoor grill, you can get a very large pizza stone and make barbecue pizzas.

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