Top 6 Advantages Of Registering Your Start-Up Company

 A start-up is termed as a new business venture that is quite small and has been initiated by a single person or a group of individuals. The start-ups always present a new product or service that is not available at some of the places and the start-up is directly linked with modernisation or strangeness-based and unique features. Hence, it is very much important for people to indulge in proper start-up company registration so that several kinds of advantages can be easily enjoyed by the concerned people. By nature, the typical start-up will tend to be a shoelace operation with preparatory funding from the founders or their friends and families. 

 Following are some of the very basic advantages of indulging in start-up registration in India: 

  1. It will help in providing the people with the advantage of self-certification because start-ups are more permeable to fill it in the very initial stage of life-cycle. The start-ups are permitted for self-certification with nine labour and several other kinds of laws and the concerned authorities will not conduct any sort of investigation for three years.
  2. Whenever the start-up will be registered it will not need to entertain any kind of tax liabilities for three years which is another add-on advantage of the registration process. Incoming funds from the hatcher and several kinds of investors will also be exempted and tax exemption for three years means that start-up can capitalise on the funds in their way and can use it for the growth of the business.
  3. Because of the advancements in technology the start-up process registration can be completed from the mobile application as well because in the application there will be a single form that will permit the start-ups to complete the registration formalities perfectly. This particular mobile application will always have a single-window clearance for the start-ups that will help in catering to the formalities associated with the registrations, compliances, approvals and several other kinds of related things.
  4. As an add-on advantage of the registration process, the start-ups will be availing the advantages of completely growing networking opportunities because there will be the discovery of more alternatives for funding as well as a business idea to certain the growth opportunities.
  5. There will be completed entries of the government tenders because government projects are underpinned by monetary incentives and these are not easy to enlist due to the huge competition. But when a start-up will be registered it will be liable to avail multiple advantages from the government tenders.
  6. The start-up India research and advocates innovation will also provide several kinds of advantages to the concerned entrepreneurs and the government is also committed to establishing different kinds of Research Parks for the development of the project and products.

Hence, the government has also launched different kinds of startup India schemes to boost employment in the country and the company registration cost is also very much genuine which is the main reason that one must indulge in such purposes to avail all the above-mentioned advantages.

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