Why Orthopedic Mattress Is Best For Back Pain?

Back pain, which we hear of often, manifests itself in different forms. It is one of the widespread problems that affects more than 80% of the people. The musculoskeletal disorder causes acute and chronic back pain. Sleep is a vital factor in rejuvenating our body. It helps us to recover from stress, pain and revives our health. But, people with back pain hardly get quality sleep. 

 However, the right mattress can help in multiple ways. It offers deep and restorative sleep. It supports the natural spine alignment and relieves soreness. It also provides the utmost comfort and back support. So, here’s a deeper insight into how the best mattress can help alleviate back pain and restore quality sleep. But before that, let’s look into the aftermaths of back pain.

 Back pain and Sleep – The Connection

While the pain can be of different types, here’s a small outline for you to understand better. Acute or short-term back pain is intense and sharp. It occurs when the muscles or ligaments undergo an injury. Chronic or long-term persistent back pain involves sharp pain accompanied by soreness or stiffness of the muscles. Any category of back pain has a profound negative impact on the sleep routine. Back pain falls into the lower, upper, and mid area classification based on its location. 

 9 in 10 people suffer from lower back pain that affects the lumbar area. It can be aggravated due to insufficient support and poor alignment while sleeping on a mattress. Middle back pain is comparatively less frequent and is experienced sharply below the rib cage and above the lumbar region. Poor posture or lying position in the mattress while sleeping can result in stiffness. Upper back pain affects the thoracic region and is due to an unsupportive body position during sleep. The anatomy of the thoracic area is affected when the mattress does not accommodate the shoulders effectively.  

 Regardless of the type and location of the back pain, the consequences are hard to face. It can significantly affect routine activities. From lifting objects to walking and sitting, the pain has a severe impact while working. Without any doubt, it complicates sleep also. Research has found time and again that back pain results in a fragmented sleep pattern. People with pain wake up in the middle of the night because of the discomfort and ache. On waking up, they find it hard to get back to sleep. Lack of sound sleep contributes to anxiety and stress. The pain causes depression making the connection a vicious one. 

 What could be the Best Mattress choice for Back Pain?

While correcting a big issue in the musculoskeletal region can be left with the doctor, finding the right mattress can help you sleep comfortably and feel better. It is a small yet vital change that can significantly reduce pain. Based on the construction and materials, mattresses fall into different types. The design also provides unique characteristics, feel, and performance. The memory foam mattress is a popular one with distinct features to alleviate back pain. Being made of polyfoam, it provides deep body contouring features and proportional cushioning while sleeping. It is the most sought-after choice among many households across the country. Here’s why it has been people’s favourite: 

  • Memory foam mattress offers adequate firmness, motion separation and prevents sagging. 
  • The bounce, spine alignment, and contouring features are the best in the memory foam mattress.
  • The different zones help distribute body weight evenly and provide enough cushioning to body parts.
  • The performance, durability, and reliability of the orthopaedic mattress variety is time tested.
  • It suits all age groups and offers sufficient back support for any sleeping position. 

 Versatile features of the Orthopedic Mattress Online!

The memory foam mattress is the best pick, but here is a premium product with novel technology under the same category. The orthopedic memory foam mattress is the best mattress for back pain in India. It is an upgraded version of the memory foam mattress that provides targeted relief to back pain. It helps decrease the stress in the spinal region and reduces soreness. The differential zones in the orthopedic mattress variety support various parts of your body. The enhanced comfort in the orthopedic variant cradles your body every night and ensures deep sleep. 

 The unique features of the mattress make your buying decision worthy, and here are some of them. A 7-zone pressure layer provides support as well as comfort for different parts of the body. Softer zones support the legs and neck while the shoulders and hips receive firmer support. Additional grooves in the zones provide extra cushioning. The next-gen memory foam contours the body and relieves pressure points. It offers optimum air circulation, reduces the heat, and keeps you cool while sleeping. The mattress is also easy to maintain, affordable and ensures better hygiene.  

Are you thinking about how to strike a good deal while buying a mattress? Here’s a pro tip for you. You can score the best bet by purchasing the orthopedic mattress online. It offers several advantages beyond giving you an attractive price. It is convenient, customized, and the options are unlimited. Go in for an online store that provides sufficient days of sleep trial with an easy return policy. Choose stores that give you a solid 10-year warranty period. No-cost EMI and doorstep delivery are some of the other vital attributes that you have to check for while buying the right orthopedic mattress online. 

 On a final note, Wakefit can be your one-stop-shop solution for all your exclusive bedding requirements. Their mattresses have withstood the test of time and are a leading brand offering quality products at genuine prices. So, time to bid goodbye to those old sagging mattresses and the everyday back pain. Never let the aches destroy your sleep and health. Consider your personal preferences, look for optimum support and comfort in the mattress, and change your life forever. The right orthopedic memory foam mattress is just a click away to help you embrace sound sleep every night.

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