How to Wear Coloured Contact Lenses?

Why wouldn’t someone even love the idea of wearing coloured contact lenses? I mean, all my childhood, I wanted to have coloured eyes, despite having naturally hazel eyes. I always fantasised about the idea of having green and blue eyes because, to me, that was the epitome of beauty. But with time, things changed, so did my taste of eye colour. I now embrace my natural eye colour, but I want to experiment with something new and try a different eye colour such as red, whiteout and blackout from time to time. I no longer wish to have an eye colour like the rest of the world; I want to have my individuality. Hence, I try wearing different coloured contact lenses now and then. Also, I love trying new makeup looks with coloured contact lenses, thinking of creating my channel and sharing the ideas with the rest of the world.

But for now, I’m here to tell you how to wear coloured contact lenses safely and what looks, or makeup techniques can help you rock your entire look. Because coloured contact lenses aren’t only about buying and wearing them, but the way you carry your coloured contact lenses matters a lot as well. Whether you are thinking about a specific outfit, makeup or hairdo, always think about the shade of your coloured contact lenses first because all these things go hand in hand. And a small mistake in selecting one thing can ruin your entire look. But you need not worry as we are here to help you with everything.

How To Wear Coloured Contact Lenses Safely?

Safety is and should always be the first concern of everyone, especially when discussing something concerning the eyes. We all are so blessed to be able to cherish the beauty of the world with our eyes, and none of us wants to put that at any risk at all, right? Well, that’s precisely why you need to be extra cautious while wearing coloured contact lenses. We want you to ensure a few things while buying and wearing contact lenses, for instance.


  • Always check for the expiry dates of contact lenses. Yes! Contact lenses can expire. Some of them can last up to a year, while others are only for three months or one day of usage. So, depending upon your needs, purchase suitable lenses.


  • Don’t directly put the coloured contact lenses into your eyes after purchasing them. Take them out of the container safely, put them in a clean lens box, fill in an adequate amount of lens solution, and give your lenses enough time to soak up the solution. You might also want to wash them before wearing them for the first time.


  • Putting your lenses in the lens solution doesn’t mean your job is done. You might have to do more than that! You’ll have to wash your lenses before and after every use. Also, if you don’t use them for long, it is advised you check up on them, wash them and change the lenses solution. If you forget about your lenses for a long time, it’s only bad for you! The lens solution can dry up, and your coloured contact lenses will lose their elasticity. You can now imagine what can happen if you put dried and torn lenses in your eyes. So, don’t you dare take the risk in the first place?


  • What’s the point of owning all the fancy makeup palettes when you can’t wear them while having your contact lenses in? True that you need to be a little extra cautious while wearing coloured contact lenses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup! You should just ensure the powdery makeup particles do not get stuck on your fingers or lenses.
  • Do not make any silly mistake while wearing contact lenses, such as sleeping in them, sitting on the side of a fire or jumping inside a swimming pool. You must have heard terrible stories like lenses melting inside the eyes or getting stuck in the eyes. Yes, all these horror stories are true and are only a result of negligence. So, avoid making any such mistakes. The rest is all good! You won’t regret wearing coloured contact lenses at any event.


  • Develop a habit of disposing of coloured contact lenses. You should not store them for a more extended period. Also, don’t try fixing torn lenses because that’s not going to happen. Moreover, it is advised to dispose of your lenses a few days before the expiry date to avoid any danger. You don’t have to wear them till the last day because, by that time, the lifespan of lenses is usually over.
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