Eli Lilly Ends Covid-19 Antibody Trial After Finding It’s Unlikely To Help Hospitalized Patients

Eli Lilly said Monday that it will end a U.S.-based clinical trial for its coronavirus antibody treatment because the data indicates the treatment is unlikely to help coronavirus patients recover from advanced stages of the disease, a move which comes two weeks after it paused the trial citing a potential safety concern.

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No additional patients will participate in the trial run by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health.  

Eli Lilly said there is “insufficient evidence” the treatment improved clinical outcomes when added to other treatments for patients hospitalized with coronavirus.

Eli Lilly said it will continue other trials for its coronavirus antibody treatment, including a study for recently diagnosed patients with mild to moderate illness, a phase two trial for non-hospitalized people recently diagnosed with the virus and a phase three trial for the prevention of coronavirus in residents and staff at long-term care facilities. 

Based on the data from the phase two trial, Eli Lilly said it is “confident” the therapy may prevent coronavirus progression for people in earlier stages of the disease. 

Read More :https://www.forbes.com/sites/elanagross/2020/10/26/eli-lilly-ends-covid-19-antibody-trial-after-finding-its-unlikely-to-help-hospitalized-patients/#402612302968

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