A Small Leak or a Major Problem? 5 Reasons to Call a Water Damage Restoration Service Today

Discovering a leak is a good way to ruin anyone’s day. Whether it be under the sink, from the ceiling, or anywhere else, a leak can lead to water damage and mold. Water damage can cause safety hazards, such as weakening the structure. Mold can enter the body and inflict several health concerns involving the eyes, lungs, and more. These issues are not easy to fix, and a professional should be called in to handle it. If they are left to sit, these problems get worse. Water damage in Fort Worth should be handled by Restoration Service.

Wood Rotting

Wood is a common material in all homes. From counters to walls, wood is used in some form. Letting wood absorb excess water is a terrible idea. Even paint can’t protect the wood from water as the liquid will find small cracks in the layer and sink in. From there, the water will cause the wood to decay and develop fungi inside it. This process can happen within just a few days. A restoration service will repair the wood by using a water extraction machine, such as air movers, dehumidifiers, or air scrubbers.


Metal rusting can be a common sight. Everyone has left a tool, toy, or some kind of metal out only to come back later to find it covered in rust. Water and oxygen react, forming iron oxide, or rust, which will breakdown the metal. Like wood, rust can form under paint, making it hard to notice at first. This makes the metal weaker. A restoration service will need to remove this water before it starts to decay the metal. Besides causing structural damage, rust can also carry the health issue of spreading tetanus.

Mold Growth

Many types of mold grow, thanks to water damage. Alternaria is a mold that grows around damp areas like bathrooms. Chaetomium is caused by a leaking roof, basement, or sinks. Aureobasidium is found under wall paint. This is only just a few of the molds caused by water damage. Molds can cause chest congestion, skin irritation, and server issues like cancers or blood disorders. These conditions happen due to the body somehow absorbing the mold. It’s not easy to remove mold. Besides having to identify the mold’s type, the remover will also mold remediation equipment to make sure all of it is taken.

Bacteria Growth

Bacteria is another health concern generated by water damage. As stated before, tetanus, a bacterium, is caused by rust, which can be caused by water damage. The bacteria strains Stenotrophomonas and Mycobacterium commonly occur in water damage. While not all bacteria are bad, many can still cause diseases. Water usually picks up pieces of the material it flows around. When water leaks through a ceiling, it can pick up the germs waiting in the filth in the attic or roof. There’s also a chance of flooding where the liquid has been in many different places, including sewage. To prevent the spread of diseases, a restoration team should be called as soon as possible.


Water damage should be handled by a professional. Depending on the amount of damage and repairs needed, a restoration service will have the tools on hand to fix it. Repairs aren’t easy and shouldn’t be ignored. Someone trying to fix the problem on their own or waiting for it to go away run the risk of making the damage worse and more expensive to correct. When there’s water damage in Fort Worth, a good restoration service should be called.       

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