5 Packaging Truths That You Cannot Ignore at Any Cost

Packaging Truths That You Cannot Ignore at Any Cost

Packaging might not seem to be a necessary aspect of a product. However, it is a massive requirement that helps you to secure a successful deal and helps you in reaching out to more prospective customers.

In the packaging industry, people judge the book by its cover. You cannot expect your customers to be dependent on the product’s features. You may have a massive brand image with appropriate levels of awareness; however, you cannot get to know more about your product; unless you grab the attention of the customers.

So, here are the five packaging truths that every business should be aware of. These truths can bring great sales and a lot of happy customers.

It is Impossible to Have a Product without Packaging

A product without a package is like an orange without the skin. Yes, you rightly pictured that! The moment you look at a dis-coloration on an orange, you immediately lose interest in it. However, if a fresh-looking and bright colored orange encounter your eye, you cannot resist the urge to check it out. This case applies to product packaging too.

You have to make your product presentable for customers to approach it. Only then you can increase your odds of selling your product. For several products, shrink labels manufacturers come in handy as shrink labeling makes the product’s appearance desirable.

Besides proper presentation, the packaging also makes sure the protection of the product is useful during shipping. Regardless of whether your product is durable or fragile, an average customer will not consider buying your product, which is not packaged.

Therefore, if you think about saving costs by avoiding complete packaging, you better start considering something else. More than protection and sales, proper packaging helps to make brand awareness strong. Massive brand awareness is essential for securing considerable market share.

The Packaging Cost Can Exceed the Value of the Products

While the rules state that the packaging cost should be around 8% to 10% of the entire cost. However, at times the packaging cost varies depending upon the requirement for the products. Usually, businesses consider the cost of primary packing; however, what about secondary and tertiary packaging? Sometimes the requirement for additional packing accessories arises which adds to the total cost.

The packaging needs are not completely fulfilled when you wrap the contents. You have to consider the secondary and tertiary packaging where different units are compiled into one consignment. Quantity and weight are predefined and then the whole set is packaged in an external packaging comprise of:

  • brown corrugated boxes (most popular packing material),
  • ply boxes or
  • rolls of bubble wraps or corrugated sheets for flexible packaging.

These costs are normally hidden and therefore not considered during calculations.

If packaging costs concern you, then attempt to procure recycled wrapping materials. Recycled materials are lower in price and you do not have to compromise on the quality of packaging. Protection, re-use potential, durability, and branding; all remain included in the recycled packaging.

The Package Have to Have a High Marketing Potential

2.6 seconds! This is the average amount of time a customer spends on a product. You might have the secured packaging and correct information; however, does it help the product to stand out? Probably not.

Walk down to the aisle and you will obtain a reality check about your competition strength. You cannot underestimate your competitors as they always do everything possible to make their product packaging as captivating as possible.

You have to integrate an ‘X’ factor with your package. Do research to identify the needs of your target audience and compile a list of designs, color combinations, usability factors, and just about anything that can appeal to your customers. If you feel in doubt, take a look at your product and ask “Do I want to buy this stuff?” You will definitely get your answer.

Remain Updated with the Innovations and Latest Trends

Innovation drives every industry existing today and those who fail to follow the trends either fall out because of inadequate customer engagement, or they cannot hold on to their offerings with a large customer base. Most trends are not the result of technological developments. They are the outcomes of customers’ changed perceptions.


Sustainability concerns are perhaps the main patterns that are obvious today. Individuals have gotten mindful of the harm that is being caused to the climate and they have started the utilization of green practices in their lives. In such cases, it has become significant for shrink labels manufacturers to utilize reused materials if they need to focus on the interests of the objective clients.


The rule of thumb about trends is that if you fail to follow them, you will be pushed into oblivion. So, try to create your own trend. However, to be on the safe side, go along with the trends ruling the industry.


NEVER make the mistake of assuming facts about packaging. It is a quintessential ingredient for your success mantra. It has more roles to play than merely protecting the contents. If you can yield the power of these packaging materials, then nothing would stop you from becoming successful. So before you start making decisions, do take heed of these five truths as it could save you considerable costs and time.

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