Approaching AYUSH license consultants for an AYUSH certificate

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AYUSH certificate consultants are highly sought after experts these days. With the occurrence of pandemic, people have renewed faith in alternative medicines. It has caused many hopefuls to find a way to acquire AYUSH certificate. And the experts that can provide them with the assistance are AYUSH certificate consultants.

However, you should care about how you approach the consultants. The less you know, the chance of you facing exploitation increases. Why do we say that? Because most “consultants” that are present in the market are just for the sake of name.

So, when you approach those “consultants”, there is a chance for you to receive wrong information. That’s why, through this article, you’re going to have information you must possess before approaching AYUSH license consultants for an AYUSH certificate

The type of AYUSH License

The first thing that as an applicant you’re required to know about is the type of AYUSH license you’re looking for. There are two types of AYUSH License in India and they differ based on the type of AYUSH business you’d want to do:

  1. AYUSH Manufacturing License: AYUSH manufacturing license is the permit to manufacture and trade in Ayurvedic, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy medicine. To acquire this license, you must have a manufacturing facility that meets the area requirements of the AYUSH ministry. Furthermore, you’re also required to have qualified AYUSH professionals in your team.
  2. AYUSH Loan License: If you only own the brand of Ayurvedic medicine and have hired a third party to manufacture the medicines for you, you need the AYUSH loan license.

When you’re approaching a consultant for AYUSH certificate registration, knowing the above details will help you get the best solutions and will help a genuine consultant provide you customized solutions.

Know what is AYUSH license

What is AYUSH certificate? Don’t be turned off by this sudden question, for knowing the answer to this is the key to correctly approaching an AYUSH certificate company. An AYUSH license is permit to manufacture and trade in AYUSH products. It’s a responsibility to:

  1. Ensuring that the products are of an optimal quality.
  2. Adhering to the manufacturing standards of the AYUSH products.
  3. Ensuring that every rules of the AYUSH ministry is met while trading in AYUSH medicines.

Thus, if you’re going to apply for the AYUSH license, you have to take the matter as serious as running the AYUSH business.

Knowledge about AYUSH certificate registration

When approaching an AYUSH license consultant, you should already have the theoretical knowledge about the process of acquiring the license. Following are the steps of that process:

  1. First, you’re required to file the application (offline mode) and submit it to the AYUSH department in your region.
  2. The documents are going to assessed and if there are any shortcomings, you’ll be informed. Upon getting notified of the issues, your task will be to fix those issues and resubmit the application.
  3. Once the documents and the application is approved, AYUSH ministry sends an inspector to inspect your manufacturing premises.
  4. If the inspector encounters some shortcomings while inspecting your manufacturing facility, you’ll have to fix them within the time that AYUSH ministry gives you.
  5. A re-inspection will take place of your premises.
  6. Finally, you’ll obtain the AYUSH certificate registration if there are no issues.

If you’re thinking about AYUSH license, you can’t apply online for it. The Form 24D used for the purpose is an offline only application form – filled manually using pen and submitted physically at the state branch of the AYUSH ministry.

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To get AYUSH license Delhi or anywhere else in India, you need consultants to be at your side. However, to get aid from the right consultants, you should possess enough knowledge – at least theoretically – about the license. Without knowing the correct details, you can be fooled by fraudulent elements that parade around as consultants. So, if you’re looking for real service providers, know the details about the AYUSH license before you ask any question.

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