A complete guide to obtain BEE certificate registration

bee certification

BEE certificate registration is a process through which an electronic or electrical product manufacturer gets star ratings for his or her product. As per the Energy Conservation Act, the higher the star rating awarded to the product means that the product has high level of energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency is sought by many customers these days. As air conditioners have now become more affordable, a wise consumer is seeing them as an investment rather than a one-time purchase. That’s why, if you’re a manufacturer of home appliances, you should make yourself aware about the BEE certification process.

Through this article, we are offering you a complete guide of BEE certificate registration. Read till the end to know how you can obtain it as quickly as possible.

What is BEE certification?

In the early days of year 2000, India witnessed the rise in the number of customers for electrical appliances. Products like Air Conditioners and Refrigerators and even colour televisions that were once seen as a luxury – far from the reach of the common folk – suddenly became accessible. The new consume was earning and enough and it became affordable for him to get him a few luxuries.

This accessibility came with quite a few drawbacks, the biggest one among them is the energy expenditure. Air Conditioners and Refrigerators, despite the facilities they provided, consumed a lot of electrical power. Fear of power shortage sprung the government into action. That led to the formation of Bureau of Energy Efficiency. As per the demands of this bureau:

  1. Every electrical appliance shouldn’t consume electrical power higher than pre-decided.
  2. The goal of every electrical manufacturer should be to come up with products that consume less electricity.

The enforce these demands, the BEE came up with the BEE certification process. Following this process would lead the electrical manufacturers attain a star rating for their brands. In doing so, not only they will comply to the energy conservation laws, but also gain the following benefits:

  1. Customers are attracted to better products, and you can be the seller of those products.
  2. Innovative and cost-efficient products that keep energy efficiency in mind have a higher Return on Investment.

Let’s now discuss how to get bee certification in India.

BEE certification India: The process

To attain star rating for your product via BEE registration, you have to go through two levels of BEE registration process:

  1. First level is the brand registration. It rates your brand of electronics with the star rating.
  2. Second level is the model registration: It’s at this level the models are tested and are given ratings based on their energy consumptions.

Even though the levels are different, the steps involved with both of them remain the same. And they are as follows:

  1. First, you need to take the product to an independent lab and get it tested.
  2. Once the tests are done, you’ll receive a test report, giving you an idea of the electronic efficiency of your product.
  3. Submit the application for BEE registration using the online mode.
  4. Submit the documents needed.
  5. The bureau will run its own set of tests on your product.
  6. In the end, if you’ve provided the authority with the correct details, you’ll obtain the star rating.

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Getting the license easily

The two stages of getting the star rating. Namely, getting the  BEE brand and BEE model registration have procedures that look the same. However, there are deep differences between the two but discussing them are beyond the scope of one blog. That’s why, you need the aid of experts. BEE consultants won’t only make you understand the differences, they can make the star rating process easy for you. They do so by taking on the task of filing the application themselves.

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