Integrate new tools on production lines

Improving production, both in terms of quantity and quality, is no longer enough. Today, we tend more and more towards the need to offer a personalized offer, responding to specific requests from customers with growing demands. To meet, therefore, these obligations of quality, quantity and customization, the integration of new tools on production lines is necessary.

Improve the collection and analysis of information within the production line

In the world of industry, the mastery and use of information is crucial because it contributes to a large extent to performance.

One of the main challenges in the company is to collect as much useful information as possible about its own functioning and to be able to use it to improve the production system in all its aspects.

In a modern production line (an automated line), sensors are found on the automated machines, but also on the products themselves during their development. They make it possible to collect data which, once duly analyzed, makes it possible to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the various process steps, and therefore to optimize the former and make the necessary corrections to the latter.

The objective, of course, is to achieve quality levels that are able to ensure the company the desired customer satisfaction. It is also about reducing costs by eliminating faults and failures that may arise on the automated production line, preferably in advance. The digitized documents are, in this perspective, of a proven utility, helping as much in the collection of information as in its feedback and its communication. This is particularly the case with the non-compliance form; digitized, it allows easier and faster filling by employees equipped with tablets and touch screens and other mobile devices. Subsequently, this data is transmitted easily and instantly to the departments and managers concerned: team leader, workshop foreman, foreman, quality manager, production manager, line operator, line manager, machine operator, operators manufacturing, line manager, airline pilot, etc.

Keep up with new flexibility and customization requirements

Nowadays, while part of the production within a single entity remains standardized, there is a growing demand for customization on the part of the customer. The latter is no longer satisfied with having a quality product; what he also wants is to have in his hands a “customized”, unique product, the options and parameters of which he has been able to choose through an interface on the company site (which allows ‘elsewhere it is up to the latter to collect additional information on customer expectations). This is particularly the case in the automotive industry, where it has been possible for a long time to order vehicles with certain additional functions. New tools offer more latitude at the level of production lines so that they can adapt to these customization requests.

Transform the environment and the role of the operator

The implementation of modern tools brings its share of changes in the way of producing, of working. The operator’s working environment is profoundly modified, seeking to be more secure, but also more stimulating and more open to initiative and creativity.

Of course, the continuous reduction in the arduousness of the work is one of the great advantages of technological advances, the “thankless” tasks being left to hardware and software resources. While remaining an actor in production, the employee tends more towards a role of monitoring and supervising machines and sees his skills constantly being extended. In short, he can focus more on tasks with high added value.

Guided by the digital work instructions which he can consult on his touch screen, the operator is also better protected against the risk of error and non-compliance. These digitized operating procedures are presented in more diverse and more “meaningful” formats, comprising interactive and graphic elements, and even video presentations of the tasks to be accomplished within the position.

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