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Holidays and lockdowns have been a huge opportunity for children these days, which has made us wonder why toy manufacturers have increasingly taken over the market. Since everybody is home-bound and has got nothing to do lately, their parents have no choice but to buy new toys for their children to keep them occupied.


And thus, the entire lockdown era is likely to be a significant period for toy manufacturers. When the pandemic began and so many people were unpredictably confined to the home, most of them acted by purchasing toys, purchasing games, buying building sets, board games. And we saw a massive spike in the toy business at a time when usually most businesses were shutting down.


A majority of families are concerned, though, because they feel that having toys for their children every once in a while makes them ungrateful. They don’t respect their things because they know they are going to find anything else to keep themselves busy.


Although we can see that toys for kids are a joy in such unprecedented times, they are certainly a source of worry for parents.


Little moments of happiness.

Undeniably, exploring and playing with new toys is fascinating for both children and adults alike. They love video games, bikes, dolls, electronic toys, legos, board games, and whatnot. The list is good enough to justify spending the money, time, and space on them. Playing with toys is a part of everyone’s life nearly every day. 


Not only does it cheer them up, but it is also a big source of solidarity. If I look back at my childhood, there are plenty of memories that I enjoyed while having fun and playing games. Were toys involved? Yes, definitely!


My childhood generally consisted of me playing with my board set, learning new things such as how to play basketball from my older sibling, and drawing and painting structures on a huge sheet of printer paper. All these items, even printer paper, were my toys. 


Since back in those days, there weren’t any expensive toys like today, such as remote control cars or game boys, so we used to treat everything like our toy.


Playing matters.

Playing is important for children to grow and understand nature. It is generally accepted that kids learn from exposure to a range of toys and playing time. It is therefore recommended to all parents that even if they wish to keep their children active by getting them toys, they should kindly get them toys that are not identical to each other. Choose the right one.


Make sure that every time they use it, they learn more from it. Using the same toys would make them quickly distracted, and they wouldn’t learn much. Always note that what makes a toy perfect is its potential to influence kids in a way that encourages them to use it in any way they can imagine.



Often there are many ways a toy can be used. So if your kid tries it on their own, they are smart enough and they are doing it the right way.

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