Why Acing Business IGCSE Is Not As Hard As You Think

Business IGCSE

There comes a time in every student’s life where they have to face and then overcome adversity in the form of tough as nails exams and difficult tests. But different students deal with them in different ways, shapes, and forms. Some study as they please, some memorize, some do tests, some go to academies and tuition centers. The strategies are different but their aim is the same.


However, not all students end up achieving the same results. Why is that and what are the causes? Well, preparation is everything when it comes to results and so, different strategies and plans yield completely different results. Some fail, some barely pass the exams, some do okay, and others do very well, acing all exams to score the highest possible grades like A*. 


This means getting an A8 in subjects like Business IGCSE is doable and possible. So what is of the utmost importance is that you know all the ways to score as high as possible and you utilize as well as put into use any and all tips and tricks to get that A*. These will be expanded upon in the next section of this article so you too can put them into use, eventually scoring high.

How You Can Ace Your Exam, Getting An A* In Them?

Well after scouring the internet, opinions of people like students, teachers, educators, and examiners as well as people who design the tests and then grade them, we have collected the 6 most important ways which, if put into use properly, can ensure you get that elusive A* in whatever exam you please no matter how hard or difficult you might think they are going to be.

  • Plan Your Study With The Long-Term Mindset

Students usually study in ways that give them short-term gain, ie, studying right before a test or exam to score well or pass it. This makes them complacent and dependent on luck as well as panic. But to ace exams, you need to start studying long before so you fully and completely understand and grasp every available concept there is.

  • Use Multiple Sources To Study And Prepare

While it is good to study from books, it is quite a bit shortsighted to study ONLY from them given the wide number of resources available to study from such as the internet, mock papers, Youtube Videos and Lectures, Podcasts, Online groups and pages, and many other places too. This will widen your horizon and prepare you better,

  • Find And Then Do Many Past Papers

Past Papers are what will perfectly prepare you for the upcoming exams because they hold within them the pattern of the exam to which you must become accustomed. This will help you when you are in the exam hall by knowing what to expect in what section and nothing will surprise you, thus ensuring your preparedness for it.

  • Pay Very Close Attention In Your Classroom

Classrooms are the source of all the learning you are supposed to do as well as all that will be there in your exam paper, no matter what subject. That is why it pays handsomely to be alert and ready during classes to note down as well as understand any and all important information presented by teachers that might come in the exam.

  • Learn To Study And Prepare Independently

Schools, however, can only teach you so much because 1 teacher in a classroom must contend with dozens of students and answer all their questions. That is why you must learn how to study by yourself so that you can cover more difficult topics thoroughly and fill any gaps left by your teacher inadvertently.

  • Stay Ahead Of Everyone Else And The Schedule

It is very rewarding if you are ahead of everyone in terms of studying progress because that will give you extra time later on to revise and review all that you have learned till then. This will harden your concepts and repetition will drill the information of harder subjects like Business IGCSE into your brain.

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