Workplace Bullying : Why All Businesses Need To Say No

Years ago, occupational health and safety or OH & S Training programs were seen as necessary only for businesses who were in the direct line of fire for physical injuries, such as construction workers, electricians and carpenters. Failure to implement these training programs to white collar organisations, or more formal office set-ups was due to the vastly reduced number of potential physical injuries these types of workers are exposed to. Physically, yes, office staff are considered to be less likely to be physically injured in the workplace. But is that enough to avoid implementing OH & S Programs?

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Let’s put it this way. If somebody files a physical injury claim at work, it will cost around $23,441 on average. If someone files a stress claim it will cost around $41,186. Essentially, it pays to have training programs in any office, because they don’t only relate to injuries of a physical nature.

Training programs for workplace bullying and are widely available and highly recommended for every business to undergo. They don’t take a great deal of time, and the results could save your business from incalculable amounts of money. Comprehensive training programs can take up as little as one day of your business’ time and can ingrain positive attitudes and behaviours in your staff members that will last a lifetime.

Some results you can expect to see as a result are reduced sick days, increased brand value, increased the bottom line, increased productivity, reduced staff turnover and reduced customer churn. With these in mind, how could you lose from good OH & S practices?

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