Flexible And Powerful Aircraft Fuel Flow Instruments

A flexible aircraft fuel gauge is one that can be modified by the pilot. By incredible we mean it can naturally give information to your GPS or on-board integrated electronic flight instrument system which thus can ascertain fuel status for a specific flight way or objective.

Hard to accept however there are many pilots out there that still rely on the old method of calculating F. use i.e. with a calculator. Flying since before the advanced age when aircraft gauges used to be faulty at best, they think the manual way of calculating F. use is still accurate.

Unfortunately, when flying and the pilot suddenly and inexplicably hears the low fuel warning or unmistakable signs of a fuel starved motor, it very well may be now past the point of no return and the safety of the passengers would be at severe risk.

Manual count is OK just if all else is running fine. We mean what if there is a fuel leak? Or wind resistance causing the engine to burn more F. – there is minimal possibility of the pilot having the option to factor in exactly how much extra fuel is being burnt.

The manual way isn’t just a long way from accurate and inflexible, it is also dangerous because it does not take into account possibility of F. leaks (until it is past the point of no return), or faulty injectors causing excessive fuel burn or blocked F. lines or vents wrong pipette, etc.

A highly accurate Slimline Pressure Gauge can give advance warning on all the above and more. A digital readout of the F. being used and balance in the tanks guarantees that the fuel use status is highly transparent. A higher than normal fuel uses that is not otherwise explained by the flight characteristics, could indicate engine trouble. Similarly, if balance in one tank is inexplicably low (or high) could indicate a F. leak or chocked F. line, faulty pump etc. Basically, the pilot realizes that there is trouble in the engine or the fuel lines and can plot another course to the nearest airport before things really get out of hand.

For more information click here Aircraft fuel management.

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