10 Best Business Listing Directories in USA

People have discovered the true value of the business directories recently when the world was attacked by COVID-19. The virus has not only claimed countless human lives but also impacted the world economies quite badly. The business owners started looking for some possible way to make a stand and protect their life’s investments and they found a perfect solution under the banner of business directories. These directories are operational for quite some time now but the true value of these directories just came to the light. Along with old directories, there are some relatively new but extremely potential that you can register your business on, like Citylocal Pro. The following directories are unique but have made their name in the local market quite fast.


Alexa has ranked Yelp number 64 and it is a wonderful directory for new and old business. It offers its services free of cost to its users and the overall structure is quite user-friendly that you can master with a little effort. Its significance and impact on the local market you can see from its visitor which is 36 million per month.


Google is ranked number 1 by Alexa and it is the world’s biggest business directory. Every kind of business can be registered here with eases and it can play a key role in changing the fate of your business. They have a wide range of services and because of that businesses consider it the most potential platform for business growth. Google offers its services free of cost and bears the 175 million visitors only from the US.


Bing is another extremely powerful directory that you can find after Google and that’s why Alexa has ranked it number 9. It is true that its traffic is 76 million visitors which is way less than that of Google but still it is a very potent competitor. Bing places for business is a charming medium where you can claim your business if you are a local business. 


This directory is quite different from the other directories, or you can also call it more labor-oriented. It collects the gems around the globe and ensures they find a work opportunity to their liking in the business listed on it. That’s why Alexa has ranked it at number 28. If you are looking to expand your small business, then maintaining a presence here can be good depending on the nature of your business and strategy.


Zillow is quite popular for its unique services in the real estate world because its services are free for the homeowners and it is ranked number 50 by Alexa. However, if an agent wants to use its services they have to pay a small fee. Its database consists of 110 million US homes and it gets about 25 million visitors per month, which is great to get new and potential buyers. 


It’s a wonderful social media website that is also an extremely powerful business directory. It gathers huge numbers of visitors every single day and that is why Alexa has ranked it number 4. Due to its popularity for gathering masses you should create a business page and it’s free of cost. it also allows you to share photos, videos, and a lot more, but it might take you some time to learn a few things for better performance.


Alexa has ranked it number 22 and you just need to hashtag to create a trend. You can boost up small messages in the form of tweets. Everyone that uses Facebook, Instagram makes sure he’s maintaining the presence on Twitter as well. In short, a great number of visitors come here to spend time, and this is what local businesses can take advantage of. They can easily put ads here to attract new customers.


Yahoo is one of the pioneers in business directories, and they started serving the market through digital directories before anyone. It holds a rank number 5 which is close to Google’s number and it also makes it a strong competitor. Yahoo! and Bing formed a network as well but later their agreement has changed now. Yahoo! bears a heavy traffic every day and there’s nothing that you can’t find here, so make sure your business is visible to the customers here.  


Are you good at generating visual content? If yes, then this is a perfect medium to attract customers with unique visual content. The services are free and Alexa has ranked it number 20 which makes it a very interesting place to look into. However, it is more useful for businesses related to creativity and marketing but still, anyone can register here for free.

CityLocal Pro

This particular local directory is making its way up swiftly because in a very short time it has rapidly increased its registered businesses. With a skilled team and unique SEO services, it has become quite dominating in the local market. It offers some very advanced tools to browse through a huge list of potential service providers. So, if you are a local business owner, then it is one of those emerging platforms that you’d enjoy.

Alexa is one of the most trusted mediums when it comes to boosting a website and its analysis. Therefore, the ranking generated by it is highly reliable. Business directories are committed to their cause and bring businesses and customers together. However, you might want to learn the basics of every directory before diving into pro features. Use advanced filters provided by these directories to make your experience satisfactory.

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