Use of Different Spices in Everyday Cooking

A sprinkle of spice can change a basic dish into an extraordinary one. Spices and herbs add taste and flavor to any recipe. People use different spices while preparing their meals. Every arrangement has a distinct feature or flavor. It needs some special sorts of ingredients and spices. Without the correct spices or herbs, the dish is wrecked shortly. So, adding the proper herbs is an absolute necessity to bring zest and deliciousness in your meals.

Spices have a few medical advantages also. They are not only used for enhancing taste and flavors as well as they make food healthy and nutritious.

Here is a list of common yet effective herbs and spices used in everyday cooking:

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves have a gentle and sweet aroma, best in making different types of foods. Marinate meat and fish with dried or roasted and add amazing flavor and taste to your dishes. It gives an incredible flavor to stews and casseroles dishes. It can transform a simple veg dish into a delicious and extraordinary one.


Ginger is your kitchen’s basic need. Its spicy and zesty taste creates an extraordinary taste to Asian cuisines. This aromatic has been used from old occasions for its high medicinal values. Meat and fish items taste like flavorless without it. Chopped and crushed zinger is used in curries and savory dishes while dried humdinger is used in making sweet arrangements. Ginger is used for preparing ‘masala tea’ that refreshes and rejuvenates you within a minute.


Nutmeg is the dried seed of Myristica fragrans. It is hard and covered with a net-like thing, called mace. Both nutmeg and mace are used for culinary purposes for their intense aromatic features. They are also used for making medicines to treat nausea, diarrhea, intestinal diseases, and stomach pain.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is commonly used around the planet for its rich taste and aroma. From sandwiches to mouth-watering meat and fish preparations, black pepper brings special aroma to your cuisines. It is good for neural pains, insect bites, and cold and pipes with its antioxidants and antimicrobial properties. It is the most traded spice around the world.

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