7 Fabulous Gaming Glasses for a pro-gamer look

Glasses are a fashion necessity and no more a necessity-necessity. With so many fashionable styles, glasses don’t make you look geeky or nerdy. 

You can wear any style of glasses and not get called names, unlike those days in the ’90s. You have seen plenty of movies where the nerdy and loner student is always someone with glasses. 

That’s not really true. Glasses don’t make you a nerd or geek or boring. 

With fashionable glasses, you can never look boring. And a gamer can never be boring. For professional gamers, glasses are a must accessory.

Why Gaming Glasses?

You might have the perfect vision but gaming for long hours in front of your game screen can put a lot of strain on your eyes. Also, the high definition screen emits a lot of blue lights that are harmful to your eyes. These lights can make your eyes go worse sooner than later. 

Gaming glasses are made from special glasses that block blue light emission and prevents your eye from getting strained. Wearing these glasses will give you comfort and clear vision. Your eyes will not hurt from long hours of gaming. Also, gaming glasses or blue light glasses can regulate your sleep cycle and you will find it easier to fall asleep. 

The top ten gaming glasses

1. Keyhole Pastel Purple Tortoise Glasses in Wayfarer for women

Ladies first. This style of glasses are women exclusive. Wear these pastel purple frames in a tortoiseshell pattern that will match all your outfits. Your comfortable hoodie with shorts or your casual outfit while streaming your game online in these glasses will make you stand out. These tortoiseshell glasses will compliment your skin tone and the wayfarer style will bring out your outgoing and alluring style. 

Keyhole Pastel Purple Tortoise Glasses in Wayfarer -3

2. Navy Blue & Red Round Spectacles in Acetate

These navy blue and red glasses are appealing for both men and women. The navy blue glasses are apt for your nerdy vibe and the red underlines will captivate the onlookers. You can wear these glasses not just for gaming but for daily use. Show your unique charm with this pair of glasses. You can buy cheap glasses online in this style of frames and get them fitted with blue light lenses and make them your gaming glasses.

3. Jade Green & Brown, Gold Geometric Glasses

A classic nerd is an intellectual person. A modern nerd is a smart guy who is also cool and fun-loving. To get the mix of both classic and modern nerdiness, try these geometric glasses in jade green and brown. You are sure to love these glasses while gaming with the comfort it gives. You will get a clear and comfortable vision because the blue light blocking lenses and the lightweight acetate glasses will hardly make you feel its presence.

Jade Green & Brown, Gold Geometric Glasses-3

4. Dark Grey Shiny Rectangular Glasses

You plus rectangular glasses, and here we have the nerd of the year. Do you feel conscious of wearing rectangular glasses because it will make you look too much of a nerd? Don’t be. Try these rectangular frames in dark grey. With thick side shields, these glasses will not make you conscious and you don’t look nerdy for even a bit. And the extremely lightweight material will hardly make you feel the presence. You can buy glasses online in this style for your next prescription glasses.


5. Hipster Thick Frame Camouflage Khaki Eyeglasses

Wear these Khaki Camouflage glasses to match the vibe of your FPS games. Your gaming experience will be upgraded with this style of glasses. Not because of the style but because of the comfort and clarity of vision that these glasses give.

Havana & Tortoise Vintage Horn Glasses - 3

6. Havana & Tortoise Shell Aviator Wayfarer Glasses

A combination of wayfarer and aviator style glasses are the best fit for outdoor activities. For a gamer who play games where you can virtually be anywhere, good traveller glasses with blue light protection are a cool addition. Wear these glasses in Havana and tortoiseshell for a cheerful and quirky vibe. 


7. Horn-Rimmed Women’s Rose Red Eyeglasses

The last style, let’s end with a women’s pair of glasses. These horn-rimmed glasses in rose red colours will bring vibrance to your gaming room. You will feel more jovial and spirited wearing these glasses. Your appearance will be fit for both indoors and outdoors. These glasses will match all your outfits and give you a cheerful vibe.

Cherry Red Eyeglasses in Horn-Rimmed Rectangle - 3

Some more cool glasses –

  1. Wayfarer glasses in gunmetal and black shades
  2. Wayfarer Glasses in ocean blue colour
  3. Half rimmed glasses in dark blue 
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