Common Machine Embroidery Software Programs

When you buy an Embroidery Machine you’ve got this excellent tool that will magically fill all of your clothes and fabrics with beautiful embroidery designs. But after a while, you yearn to try to do more. At first, you’ll be happy working with whatever is out there together with your machine added to the downloadable designs you’ll buy from online sellers. Maybe you would like to start out an embroidery business or just want to try to customized digitizing designs on your own clothes.

There are different types of software programs.

  • Digitizing programs that are useful in digitizing images that you simply scan and feed into the program, able to be embroidered.
  • Lettering programs to make lettering able to be embroidered the way you would like.

First of all, you’ve got to make a decision on the aim and what you would like from the program. And also the skill you’ve got in employing a computer. Choosing the simplest software program isn’t very easy but luckily most of them have trial versions. You would like to make your designs, edit them and make them your own and embroider with those customized designs. You’ll too. With the assistance of Embroidery software programs.

Most programs have a learning curve and you’ll need to make an attempt to find out the fundamentals and realize that you simply can become an expert only after several hours spent tinkering with it. And also the skill you’ve got in employing a computer. Below are a few of the most commonly used embroidery programs you might come across in your embroidery digitizing career.

The Embroidery Software Programs

  • Embrilliance

This is a really popular choice for digitizing and editing designs, especially for lettering. you’ll need to upgrade the version to Embrilliance Essentials (the next level) to be ready to merge designs or resize designs. It can create lettering files but you can’t open files to feature lettering to them and you can’t save anything. You’ll view designs and convert formats and do some editing. you’ll test out this free version but it’s limited in its capabilities. You’ll start by downloading the Embrilliance Express (free) which may be a lettering program that uses BX fonts.

For the power to ascertain the particular design (as thumbnails) on a flash drive or USB you’ll need to buy a Thumbnailer. They also accompany a 90-day money-back guarantee, as per their website. Embrilliance Essentials module is that the full basic editing module, which you’ll need to buy. You’ll buy BX fonts from other sources and install them and use them on this platform. You’ll merge designs, resize them, resizing, removing overlapped areas, and manipulate text. 

On YouTube, you’ll look for Embrilliance tutorials or Embrilliance BX fonts and you’ll get to ascertain and learn from many video tutorials. Facebook groups with several helpful members answering each and each one among your queries are certainly a boon to all or any the inexperienced but wanting to learn new Embrilliance owners.

  • Embird

It is good Editing software with many modules. You’ll check it out employing a 30-day trial (0r 100 uses) for the complete software and buy only the modules you would like. They even have a Studio (Digitizing software) Iconizer ( to ascertain thumbnails of the designs), and a Cross-stitch module.

Stitch artist is their popular digitizing module. Font engine is their letter-creating module. The Facebook groups for this software are active and really helpful with all of your doubts. you’ll also buy tutorials to use the software.

  • Sew What Pro

Cost but $100, so it’s inexpensive which is its greatest advantage, alongside its capabilities, of course. But one disadvantage is that if you own a Mac you’ll get to use another program to use it. ( Windows Emulator). it’s an excellent user-friendly program to edit designs program with many dedicated users who vouch for the usability of this software program. They need a Facebook group with many super active users responding to your queries. It’s available to undertake on a 28-day trial basis and learning the way to use it’s a breeze with the various YouTube videos available.

  • Hatch Embroidery

This is another great program (by Wilcom International) that’s easy to use – many experts vouch for it. Several Youtube videos also are available online teaching you ways to use the program. And great customer support from the location and thru Facebook groups. It also comes with a free 30 day trial for the fully functional software. they need great fonts available – it comes with the program.

  • My Editor

My Editor may be a free tool and you’ll view and modify embroidery files then save them in any embroidery file formats with this. 


This is all you need to know about the most common machine embroidery software programs. However, you are not limited to these software programs only. There are several other software available out there in the industry. It depends on your project needs. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to reach out to us at Migdigitizing. 

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