Improve Your Erection Naturally

Improve Your Erection Naturally

You are a healthy guy if you have a satisfying sexual life. I also salute you. Many people, unfortunately, do not completely enjoy their sexual lives. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s due to job overload, sometimes it’s due to the involvement of children, and sometimes it’s due to a genuine health problem.

There are significant negative implications for their quality of life as a result of this. I’m talking about dudes and erectile dysfunction here (ED). According to data, 52% of men over the age of 40 have this problem, and even more concerning, 25% of young males have been diagnosed with ED. It goes without saying that their partners suffer as well. That’s not a good sign!

Erection Physiology

An erection is physiologically dependent on adequate blood flow in the penis. And there are primarily two factors that can cause this to be disrupted:

  • The formation of micro plaques inside blood vessels that hinder blood flow;
  • And a lack of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a gas that helps to increase blood flow by relaxing blood vessels. It is created by the inner part of the arteries (endothelium). It is common knowledge that physiology and psychology are intimately linked and that whatever occurs in the mind has an impact on the body and vice versa. But, for the time being, let’s stick to physiology.

The medicine “remedy”

Drug therapy is the standard medical treatment for ED. As you may know, drug treatments like Viagra and Cialis. Viagra includes Fildena and Cialis include Super Tadarise, Super Vidalista works by temporarily restoring blood flow by overriding the nitric oxide deficiency. Drugs essentially force more blood into the penis, but this comes at a cost because all drugs have negative side effects.

A new “natural” solution has emerged.

I recently learned about a new therapy that claims to be “natural.” GainsWave is the name of the program. It entails the application of low-level sound waves on a local level. GainsWave works to treat ED by dissolving micro plaque in blood vessels, improving nitric oxide production, and encouraging the formation of new blood vessels (neo-vascularisation). This is definitely intriguing and promising, but it fails to address the problem’s root cause. What causes the blood vessels to become clogged? What causes the cardio-vascular system to deteriorate? What are some natural ways for people to treat ED and maintain a healthy sex life in the long run? And, once again, it ignores the psychological component (i.e. stress).

Follow authentic natural solutions.

From a physiological standpoint, it’s critical to have healthy blood vessel functionality and a good cardiovascular system to treat male erectile dysfunction. So here’s a rundown of basics to get you started:

  • Avoid sugar and processed foods for a healthier diet. Endothelium dysfunction and nitric oxide deficiency are caused by chronic high blood sugar levels.
  • Physical exercise improves vascular function when done on a regular basis.
  • Cold exposure improves the cardiovascular system by causing vasoconstriction. It’s a high-intensity interval workout for your blood vessels.
  • Reduce stress – an erection is a parasympathetic phenomenon, so if your sympathetic nervous system is overworked, blood flow to the penis will be blocked off. Endothelium dysfunction can also be caused by stress hormones.

The connection between mind and body

As previously stated, our thoughts and bodies are inextricably linked. In fact, we should compare the body and the mind to two sides of the same coin. Physiological factors, on the one hand, may impair sex drive and cause erectile dysfunction. An erection, on the other hand, begins in the brain with desire, and men who suffer from ED fall into a cycle of depression and exhaustion.

So, do we begin with the mind or the body? I think it is always better to start with the physical aspect in order to establish a positive feedback loop that strengthens both the mind and the body. The mind will relax as the body is strengthened through cold exposure, proper nutrition, and exercise.

“Men’s, incorporate Sano,” the Romans used to say, referring to a healthy mind in a healthy body. As a result, if your body is powerful and healthy, your brain would send the proper signal to the downstairs department.

Meditation can help with erectile dysfunction.

Finally, here’s a meditation approach that works on both the body and the mind at the same time. It’s an excellent way to relieve stress, relax the mind, and enhance penis blood flow. It may come as a surprise, but humming has been clinically demonstrated to increase nitric oxide levels by 25%.

So, my final piece of advice is to meditate with Osho Nadabrahma before getting to bed. Nadabrahma is a 30-minute humming meditation technique that lasts an hour. It’s a safe and natural way to relax the nervous system, increase sleep, and increase blood circulation (by increasing nitric oxide in the blood vessels). As a result of practicing Osho Nadabrahma meditation, you will not only experience profound relaxation, but your sexual life will also be healthier and more satisfying.

Humans are the most fortunate animals on the planet because they can enjoy sex for pleasure rather than for biological reasons. Don’t miss out on this natural and free chance to have joy if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. There’s no reason to suffer excessively. Enjoy your sex and your life.

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