How To Wear Purple Coloured Contact Lenses?

Coloured contact lenses have been popular for a long time now, almost ten to twenty years- and that’s quite a lot of time for some people while nothing for others. If you wear contact lenses regularly, you must be aware that they don’t come in a few shades that we all wear occasionally. They come in every colour and shade, yes, even those that you can’t imagine! Now you no longer have to get upset or feel sad for not being able to change your eye shadings or complain to God for not giving you an eyeshade of your choice.

No doubt, the eye colour you have is the most beautiful, but we always want the things that we don’t have. So if you ever look at an actress, movie character, or cartoon character and wish to have an eyeshade like them, remember it’s not impossible any more! You gotta list down your favourite colours and plan a shopping spree! However, do your research before buying contact lenses. You also must pay special attention to the expiry date of lenses, because expired ones can cause many problems for you. If you are hunting for coloured contact lenses for everyday wear, buy those with at least one-year expiry. And if you want lenses for one specific event in a unique shade, go with the one-day expiry lenses or three months expiry, depending upon whatever suits your needs and budget the best. There is a slight difference in lenses’ prices due to numerous factors such as size, type and expiry.


What Halloween coloured contact lenses are the best?

Halloween contact lenses are a big thing now, and a must part of every Halloween event! The choice of people varies on Halloween depending upon age and taste. Many people like staying in and enjoying a warm cosy dinner or barbeque night and gossiping with family and friends. While on the other hand, there is this crazy group that wants to dress up wild, adorn scary costumes and scare the hell out of everyone in the streets. Decide which one you are because we have suggestions for both of you. After all, both of you are going to dress up in your ways.


If you belong to group one- the lowkey adults, we recommend you shouldn’t compromise on style at all. So what if all you want to do is sit in your home, talk about your childhood memories and sip hot coffee? Does that mean you have no right to dress up or look good? Come on, don’t be that boring! Whatever you plan for Halloween is style up, be in all elegant and casual if not spooky. You can wear your favourite gown, dress or top and put on some dazzling jewels with bright red makeup. Oh, lord, where did the queen come from amidst all the ghosts and evils? Don’t you want that compliment? We all do deep inside! Be the queen of Halloween eve while donning coloured contact lenses in natural shades such as blue, green, black, brown and hazel.


If you belong to group two- wild and crazy, there are unlimited options for you all! You have to start by picking up a character or them. And if not, think of something in your mind and manifest the idea. Let your imaginations be visible through your look! You can either style up like an alien, evil, devil, vampire, doll, mermaid or any other thing; there are no restrictions. You can put on makeup, costume, and coloured hair to achieve a great look. But remember that your look won’t be complete until and unless you wear Halloween contact lenses. Don’t go with any shade of lenses because that will ruin your look. Do it wisely; for instance, if you want to dress up like an alien,  the ideal shade would be green or red coloured contact lenses. And if you plan to dress up like a doll, blue or purple, Halloween contact lenses will compliment your look the most. Do mix and match maths yourself, and we assure you you won’t go wrong with your Halloween look.


All Rounder Shade

Everyone’s taste is different, but one thing is for sure- purple contact lenses look thrilling! Not many people prefer wearing or giving this colour a try because they are too shy to try something new. You don’t have to be like them because it’s your chance to stand out and tell people fashion isn’t what’s trending, but it’s an idea, a sense of style that comes from within. Purple coloured contact lenses are ideal for Halloween eve as you can create numerous looks with them. Some of the best possible choices are that of a spooky doll, alien and mermaid. Get yourself an attire that matches the character and get the makeup done. The lenses will give your look the final touches, and you are all good to go!

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