Lose Up To 5 kg without Doing Any Exercises

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Sticking on a diet plan or exercise is not an easy thing. Mostly those people who have a very busy schedule do not have time to do any kind of exercise. So they gain weight instead of losing weight for doing nothing.

Actually, you can lose weight by burning calories from your actual calories. Exercises help you to burn calories very easily but if you don’t want to, follow the tips mentioned in the article and lose up to 5kg in a month by burning calories any other way. There are some best weight loss tips without exercise you can do.

Eat high fiber foods:

High-rich fiber foods contain fewer calories but give you a full stomach. So you take in a few calories but are energetic for the whole day. It helps you to lose weight. Some high fiber foods are pears, strawberries, avocado, apples, bananas, carrots, beets, broccoli, chickpeas, etc.

Eat plenty of protein:

Eat whole grain or plenty of protein foods such as seeds, beans, eggs (white part), fish, brown bread, brown rice, etc. our body needs ¼ protein for our full diet plan.

Eat low calories food:

You lose weight when you take calories that are less than your required calories. Burn at least 500-700 calories in a day. But skipping meals for burning calories is not a good option because you may fall sick for this. So eat low calories foods so you can get the energy as well as burn calories.

Take a smaller plate and serve small portions:

Always take a smaller plate than your regular size so you think you take your regular meal. Your mind takes only 20 minutes to tell your stomach that you are full. Also serve small portions of food so you don’t need to take any extra calories. And always avoid such electronic entertainment such as watching TV or playing games during meals. It may distract you from your goal and you take more meals.

Chewing slowly:

The brain has taken some time to tell you that you are full. So if you chew slowly then you need extra time to eat that’s why you eat small portions which help you to take fewer calories.

Drink water:

Instead of taking any sugary drinks, drink water. Because it has no calories and water fills your stomach and controls your hunger. Drink water 30 minutes before the meal.  If you drink water before a meal, you lose more 44% of regular weight loss in 3 months. Drink more than 3 liters in a day.

Restore your fridge with healthy foods:

Always store healthy foods in your fridge. So after coming home from work you take only healthy foods. Otherwise, may you order foods that are totally unhealthy and maybe abstract of your goal.

Do some physical activities:

Exercises help you to burn calories fast, but if you can’t do it, you can do some physical activities such as swimming, jogging, aerobics, dancing, etc. if you don’t go for a morning walk or go for an evening walk or walk any time anywhere.

Weight loss medicines:

Medicines are the easiest process of losing weight. In the market, there are so many supplements for weight loss. So you can choose any one of them but it should be highly reputed and prescribed by your doctor. Follow all the instructions given by your doctor.

Other tips:

  • Avoid red meat
  • Avoid alcohol and junk foods
  • Store all the unhealthy foods out of sight
  • Take a good sleep
  • Take green tea or black coffee


Exercises are too important as a diet plan. To lose weight you should maintain a healthy diet plan with these tips. Instead of doing any workouts you can do some physical activities, choose walking instead of riding. So you can easily lose weight without doing any exercises.

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