Top 4 reasons to install smart lock

In Smart Home Automation London, you would find so many devices that could make your lifestyle appear really cool, but they are some smart appliances that are not just there to look modernistic. That is because these devices are very essential and it is hard to imagine how we had been living for so many years without them. On top of these essential smart appliances is a smart lock. 

Smart locks are such essential devices that can not just help you secure yourself and your property but it can also make it much easy for you to manage your home security. With smart locks at your services, you can easily ditch your keys and relish the secured atmosphere of your home. 


In this blog, we have compiled the benefits provided by smart locks over traditional locks, but before we begin to enumerate those perks, let’s first talk about smart locks.


What do you mean by smart locks?

Smart locks are the locks that can work without keys, therefore by installing smart locks you can open and close your door without any physical instrument. To control your smart locks, you are required to have a smartphone app. A lot of smart lock models are composed of a numeric keypad, so you could enter the door using a unique code. 


The smart locks can easily be connected to the WiFi of your home and that’s how they can receive the smartphone command or code to either lock or unlock your door. 


The installation is dependent on the different models of smart locks. Therefore sometimes to install some smart locks, you are required to entirely replace your current lock system while other times smart locks only need a bit of modification. 


When your smart home is integrated with a smart lock, other home appliances get integrated along. Therefore, devices like smart speakers get connected with smart locks. However, the devices also need to be connected with the smart home hub, so that all the smart home appliances can work in harmony. 

Why do you need smart locks?

How are you opening and closing the front door of your house?

With the keys right?

However, if you are on the lookout for something that serves more than just basic functionality, then get a smart lock. 

Here are some of the reasons hows installing a smart home can make your life easier.

  • Control the front door irrespective of where you are

With your home equipped with smart home technology, you would be able to manage and control the front door of your house. Smart locks make your smartphone work as your door key. 

If your home is equipped with a smart home, you would not need to dash your home, because of the sudden arrival of your guest or deliverymen. Rather you would just need to log onto the app of your phone and unlock the front door, so the visitor can come inside. 

  • Codes over the keys

Nobody likes standing before their front doors and digging their bags to retrieve the keys, therefore smart locks have come to solve the issue. Since smart locks offer keyless functionality, you simply do not need to worry about losing anything. 

So no more hiding the keys and making copies of their copies. This is also far safer than making numerous copies of your house keys, as it eliminates the possibility of your keys floating around and making your house prone to burglaries. 

Besides, smart locks always notify you if you have forgotten to lock up. Therefore if your house is armed with a smart lock, you would never need to burden your mind wondering if you have locked your front door or not. You would be notified if you have not, so you can lock your house with a tap!

  • Always know if someone is coming or going

Smart locks enable you to make up to 30 different unique access, so be it the babysitter,  your kids, or your house help, everyone can have their different access codes. The smart homes system keeps a log of every code, therefore you can always tell who is coming to your smart home and who is leaving it. 

  • Enables you to create guest codes for the visitors 

We at Symosis understand how stressful it could be for you to prepare for out-of-town guests. It can be even more hectic with traditional locks, as you would first rush to the key maker and get a copy of your house key for your guest. 

Therefore we offer you to get our smart lock as it can help you create a temporary access code for your visitors, so they come and leave your place just as they please. 


We hope this blog has convinced you to get a smart lock for your house!

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