5 Communication skills needed to grow up a Business Environment

5 Communication skills needed to grow up a Business Environment

Is your perspective or viewpoint clear to others? Do you communicate all the policies and procedures effectively to people? How well you communicate with the stakeholders and customers? Effective communication skills are necessary for a healthy business environment.

Do you know what the cause of misunderstanding in an organization is? One of the reasons is ineffective communication! Not communicating with the employees clearly and concisely creates a chaotic condition.

There are several communication skills that every professional need to learn to build rapport professionally and personally.

Addressing the issues to a large number of people:

Can you speak confidently in front of many people? Can you give a presentation in front of your team? Do you have the guts to ask questions to other team members? You have to learn public speaking skills.

In professional life, you have to give presentations, attend seminars and conferences. Here your communication skills come into play. How well you can present the fact and how politely and respectfully you can speak matters a lot.

Your body language:

It is not only speaking that makes you a good communicator. Your body language speaks a lot. Mind your gestures. What if another person is speaking and you are rolling your eyes or stand folding your arms? It gives a wrong message. Keep your expression neutral and maintain eye contact. It shows that you have a keen interest in listening.

Also, keep in check your body posture, tone of voice, breathing, and other factors.

Effective listening skills:

How well you can listen to others and comprehend their viewpoints. It is a mistake in professional life that people make. They turn deaf ears to others’ points and wait for their turn to speak.

Your listening skill shows how you value and respect your colleagues. Listening skills build a healthy environment.

Never interrupt in between when another person is saying. Take time, pause your mind, and try to absorb information that others are saying.

A perfect example of a leader having Effective listening skills is George Scorsis. Effective communication is imperative, both in the office and in life. Great leaders like George Scorsis, executive chairman of WeedMD and others make sure they are heard and understood, but they also know the importance of listening.

Written communication:

The electronic medium is an integral part of our day-to-day life. Do you have e-mail etiquettes? Written communication is as important as verbal communication.

Your writing skills have an impact on the reader. Is your message clear to the reader? Always use crisp and clear words while expressing your viewpoint.

Use the vocabulary based on the audience. Know the educational background, age, gender, and size of the audience before writing a message.

Ask Questions:

You have to encourage open communication within the team. For that, you have to ask a lot of questions from the team, so that they openly come up with their perspective.

It is necessary to know the outlook of the team. Also, other’s views and innovative ideas can bring a difference.

Team meetings should not be monotonous. Always take care that it is not only you who has to speak and rest only listens. Give chance to others to speak their mind out.

Small efforts can bring drastic changes. These skills help to clear the stumbling blocks in the growth of the organization.

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