3 Top Instagram Tips to Make Your Health Brand Powerful and Familiar for Your Audience

Did you know that Instagram could become a robust social media platform for your health or wellness brand? The photo-sharing app has more than a billion active users monthly and plenty of advertising potential. Before you create a business Instagram page, take some time to focus on your target audience and to reach out to them through Instagram content, which means, the use of high-definition photos and videos.

According to an article published in Forbes, start your IG marketing with a well-optimized bio, which describes your brand and why potential customers should look up to your business.

How frequent are your followers on IG? Are they more active on their social sites like Facebook and Twitter? When your ideal followers are on IG? What are they expecting from the platform? Is it for amusement, education, inspiration, or anything else? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can come up with a sound strategy for your health brand. Here are some top tips and tricks to help you:

  1. Focus on your Instagram feed and the ‘Stories’ feature

Instagram is all-visual and therefore, you need to take photos and videos seriously if you want to use this platform to take your branding to the next level. There are two key areas to share images, one is the IG feed and the other is Instagram Stories. The photos you post in your IG feed are visible to all visiting your Instagram account. Make sure you keep posting consistently, keeping images or videos neat, uncluttered, and relevant to your health and wellness brand. When it comes to your brand colors, visuals, and font, all must have clarity and consistency right from the start.

As far as Instagram Stories are concerned, they stay for 24 hours. You can use this feature in a more personalized and spontaneous way and even re-share photos and videos from your followers or fans. The advantage of Instagram Stories is that your fans will feel involved and valued, as an integral part of your brand and community.

Use IG Stories to share some behind-the-scenes shots, posts of your employees helping people stay healthy and fit, or casual team outings. Make sure you have a content plan in place for Instagram Stories so that you know what to post throughout the week.

  1. Optimize your Instagram bio and images

When an Instagrammer visits your account, you need to impress him or her in a couple of seconds. Your IG bio should summarize what your business is all about, the health services, and explain why people should follow your brand. Ensure you have a profile picture, short bio, and cover photo in line with your brand. The bio should be concise and to the point when it comes to your health brand and its offerings. Once the bio is perfect and you start sharing health and wellness imageries and video clips, expect to buy IG commentson those posts.

The link in your bio matters a lot and you need to, therefore, focus where it takes your visitors. Though Instagram lets you use just one link, you can use Linktree, a service to direct followers to more than just one URL.

Use coordinated photos and succinct brand messaging without beating about the bush so that your audiences know that you are into health and wellness services.

  1. Network with other health brands

Social media isn’t the platform where you only communicate with your audiences and followers. You need to interact or network with other brands, and this why called social. It is as simple as that. When you connect with other health brands and influencers, it helps boost your branding and reach out to maximum potential buyers.

When it comes to the IG algorithm, it changes often, but there is no need to fret over each algorithm tweak. Then, you need to study Instagram to figure out what sort of content performs well. After all, IG usually rewards posts with more user engagement.

Spend at least 15 minutes daily to like and comment on posts of other health profiles on Instagram. You can also request your followers to build engagement or you can visit other health Instagram profiles to build engagement with their fans or followers.

When your brand and a competitor share the same audience, it means that their followers will show interest in your products or services, most likely. Therefore, you can comment on the photos or videos of their followers to show that your brand exists. Then, all engagement will earn you a customer, but each action will combine in due course of time to ensure more brand recognition in the future.


If you are a health and wellness brand to improve your presence on Instagram, keep these tips in mind reach out to your audience, thus growing engagement. Improve brand awareness, interact with your followers and other influencers, and generate sales.

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