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Weddings are always one of the biggest occasions of the year. When it’s your wedding, however, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re looking the best you possibly can. You’re likely going to be the center of attention and you’re going to have only one of these days – so make sure you’re doing it properly. You deserve to feel like royalty on this day (and especially during the ceremony). The cameras pointing at you better have something majestic to look at!

Here at Studio by TCS, we have a wide range of Pakistani wedding dresses for you to indulge in. The chances are that we’ll have the kind of thing you’re looking for. If you have a few minutes, then don’t hesitate to read on and see if we have something that catches your eye and makes you think a little about how you want to look.

So, without further ado, here are some of the latest designs:


With regard to the wedding dresses available, we’re going to be providing you with three of the most popular designers on show. We’ll start with Pinktree.

Firstly, there’s the Bana design. An ivory handwoven cotton kurta with red, blue, green, and gold floral front-open, long coat-silhouette shirt worn atop red hand-crafted susi trousers.

If you want an electric blue handwoven susi, then you could opt for the Tana dress. It has silver streaks and silver gota work painchas. Finally, we have the Gangajamni design available for you. It’s a hot pink handcrafted susi izaar with gold lines.

 Nilofer Shahid

Next, we’ll move on to the Nilofer Shahid designs. Another array of dresses that have been concocted by this group can only be condensed to a few in as we’ll be here all day talking about them.

We’ll start with Jade Elegance. It’s a deep and alluring maroon velvet dress with vintage bronze Dori work. It’s inspired by Syrian craft. The Jade Elegance Shawl should also receive a mention as it’s a beautiful kimkhab shawl – a sure hit for any occasion by many accounts. It’s embellished with gorgeous hand-made jewel pieces and enriched with gold embroidery.

Maribell is next. It’s an alluring pure dark plum velvet Angrakha. This dress is curated in a contemporary style with an escalated V-neck. The flowy pashmina design pattern patched on the daman portrays the alluring NS essence. It’s paired with original NS plum pants.

Finally, we’ll present Ocean Dreams to you. It’s a pretty Victorian-style jacket adorned with floral net patchwork on the open pleated frontier and sleeves. It’s typically paired with an inner shirt made of crushed tissue and tapered raw gold silk pants.

 Yasmin Zaman

Last, but not least, we have a few Yasmin Zaman designs to work with. While we have plenty to showcase in our store, our F-180 and F-103 designs like to stand out among customers. The former is a silver and antique gold piece with a Western feel – the sleeves with work can be added when requested

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