Top 10 wedding decoration Ideas for a Quintessential Wedding

Your wedding decoration is supposed to be grand. With all the added elements, and attributes, of wedding decoration and the most fancy themes. Essentially speaking these designs are evergreen, and more vivid with the unique and creative ideas incorporated in every function. 

  • Flowers and orchids 

Certain flowers are meant to decorate the entire room, just with a simple appearance. Like roses, or certain orchids found around the hills. These have beautiful colours, and designs that are meant to put up a different vibe in the entire wedding decoration. 

  • The modern village vibe

The concept of creating a set that represents any particular genre, is something that has appeared in the last couple of years. Here, the wedding decoration is assembled around the ambience of a modern village, which makes it really unique and special. 

  • White and snowy evening

Who isn’t fond of having a nice moment around the snow capped mountains? Well, these wedding decorations are somewhat enhanced in that manner. Whereas, the concept is surrounded around the colour white. With special decoratives like fury curtains, cotton balls and other things. 

  • Dome shaped Mandap 

This isn’t just the wedding decoration, rather the stage enhancement. The mandap or the shed, that covers the nuptial arena is shaped like a round Dome. This somewhat looks like a Tomb or a temple. 

  • Coral with the lavender

The world of corals or lavenders happen to be really sturdy and beautiful. Coral, or the millennial shades became bomb hit in the last decade. Starting from the millennials pink colour, to pastel shades for wedding decoration. 

  • Green and festivity

Apart from this, the entire theme of festivity is quite prevalent in the theme of wedding decoration. Green is included with other broad colours like pink, red and blue. Which makes the entire room go from low to glow!

  • Old is gold, wedding decoration

That is also the reason why you might end up with the typical decors provided by wedding venues. Like the good old, Mandaps decorated just by flowers or some shiny carpets for the guests. 

  • Roses are undoubtedly red

Ofcourse, red is probably the colour for the wedding decoration. Just not for the bridal attire, but also for the entire wedding venues. Red roses, other flowers, curtains, carpets, flower vases, buckets, and many other things. This also includes the flow of furniture in the room. 

  • Fresh and Yellow

Yellow is probably the personal favorite of those people, who are fond of light and minimalistic wedding decoration. This includes extravagant colour patterns, shades and designs, but staying upto the mark of yellow and other primary colours. 

  • Bohemian ‘Mirror’ Rhapsody

The last decade was the year of trying new forms of wedding decoration ideas. Which also includes the use of mirrors and other articles. Fancy mirrors, both big and small in size.  These are highly usable for accentuating the wedding theme in the room. 

Every person who has already got married, without the above decoration are definitely going to have second thoughts. As these are some of the most creative and exclusive ways of talking about fashion and wedding decoration. If you’re planning to tie knots in the next couple of months or year, then do not forget to have a few things discussed beforehand with your wedding decorator.

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