Volatility and the Reliability of the Nigerian Stock Market

All You Need To Know about Trading

When you sign up with money exchange brokers, it’s essential to make sure that they inform you which circulating currencies are ideal for you. Though in forex trading, the major currency pairs are significant, understanding what other ones could be traded on your behalf helps you make money. Currency exchange agents do more than get you set up for trading; they can direct you in many ways. In reality, though recognizing the significant  naira exchange rate  currencies is important to successful trading, there may be times when you venture farther afield because of good tips or trends amongst other lesser currencies. That is why you have to get your agent to allow you to know what all the currently circulating currencies are.

Critics of the Nigerian Stock Exchange claimed that the market had not been analyzed to capacity despite all banks’ recapitalization. They contended that the thickness of the stock exchange wasn’t one where many people would invest in billion-dollar offers. The reasons varied; one was that the capitalization amount of existing banks and other motives were the assumed amount of investment capital the Nigerian people were ready to invest in the naira exchange rate Stock Market. 

Which is more important to Your Success in Business?

Following the profits from the recapitalization exercise in the banking industry, many banking establishments recorded over-subscriptions of different public offers running to billions of dollars. Institutions like First Bank listed over-subscription amounts of over 400% in their various public offers. They were following such naira exchange rate profits that the management reversed its opinion as to the thickness of the Nigerian Stock Market and the possibilities available when it came to the funds that could be raised out of the marketplace. The company decided to apply for a record using an initial public offer, and the application was allowed.

Business that primarily addresses the importation and sale of glucose, and other than the business Group, it had no significant competitor as far as the whole of Nigeria has been worried. Having a population of more than 150 million individuals, all of whom are potential consumers of sugar business; business had a solid foothold in the Nigerian market. During its end of a 420 million dollar initial public offer, some business reported an over subscription of over 40% to become Nigeria’s most capitalized company 19 days after using a capitalization of 404 billion naira’s up from 108 billion naira and representing a gain of over 125 percent in share price within 19 days of trading.

Investors who’d bought into the share price at 18 Naira were shooting profits at 40 Naira and over within weeks. Meaning an individual who’d purchased into the company as it recorded freshly about the stock exchange with about 1.8 million naira will be worth 4.0 million naira only a couple of weeks afterward. The myth had been shattered about the depth and endurance of the Nigerian stock exchange, and a good deal more followed the naira exchange rate concerning success on the marketplace.

Investment opportunities and security issue in Nigeria

No doubt, Nigeria is an investment haven with countless and rewarding investment opportunities such as oil and gas, strong mineral, agriculture, tourism, telecommunication, power and steel, transportation, commerce processing zone, financial industry, real estate/property, production, sport and entertainment, and style industry. Investors have a vast selection of opportunities to choose from. It is essential to note that the growth rate of investment is exponential and fantastic in any of these businesses. Investors are at the advantage of presenting their products and services into an already-made market, taking benefit of the population of over 140 million.


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