5 Tips on Spending More Time with Children in Nature

Spending time in nature is the best of all the outdoor activities for kids. But, in today’s tech-savvy world, children spend very little time with technology and very little time in mother nature. If you are wondering about how to spend more time with children in nature, below are the five tips that can help-

Think Of Activities To Keep Children Active

If your child is old enough to participate in local community programs, you can encourage them to do so. You can tell them about the positives of getting involved in such activities and instigate their curiosity. Look for an outdoor space, like a field, and encourage your kid to take part in protecting it.

 You can also accompany your child in these activities and get the whole family involved in them. This way, you will teach them the value of teamwork and responsibility towards nature. Plus, you will be able to spend some quality time in nature.

 Bring Their Favorite Toys Along

Taking your kids outside to spend more time in nature has several benefits. Even a glance of the green environment with trees, plants, and flowers benefits their mental health. However, if your kids end up sticking to the screens even in the garden, they may not reap the best benefits of getting outdoors.

 Therefore, when you go outside in a garden or picnic spot, make sure to take their favorite toys along. Nowadays, you can find a variety of garden toys for kids online.

 Encourage Planting

If you have enough space in your house, encourage your kid to plant flowers or vegetables. Even if there is not much space, you can get a houseplant and add a hint of nature to your living area. You can teach your child about the value of trees, how they purify the environment or the wonder of plant growth.

 Or, you can also participate in community tree plantation activities and take your kids along. It will leave an impact on their mind, and they will likely follow what you do.

 Keep Your Devices/Gadgets At Home

Whether you are going out for a morning or evening walk, turn the devices or gadgets off, or better leave them at home. If you are commuting on a vehicle, just encourage your kid to explore nature. You can talk to the children about the color of the sky during sunrise or the different patterns the clouds make.

 You can talk about the different plants or flower species. Or, you can simply ask your kid to recite poems while sitting in the lap of nature. It will make them feel refreshed and energetic.

 Enjoy Meals

Another great way to spend more time with your kids in nature is to cook their favorite meals and enjoy them while sitting in a garden. You can create a nature scene using fruits, vegetables, or snacks. Or, you can introduce your kid to mother nature meal ideas, like creating a palm tree with kiwi fruit and bananas, or pretend broccoli is a tree with green peas or grass.

 Another great tip is to go vegetable and fruit picking in the garden. When they gather food on fruits or veggies on their own, they will feel happy and appreciate nature for providing food.

 These are five smart ways to spend more time in nature with your kids.

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