Best Pakistani Eid Clothes to Suit your Style and Budget

House of Faiza has developed a strong reputation for selling high-quality Pakistani Eid outfits to customers across the world. The fashion retailer stocks a huge range of designers including the most prestigious Pakistani fashion brands and new looks from some of Pakistan’s most desirable up-and-coming designers. With such a huge amount of different outfits and dresses in stock, you are sure to find the perfect outfit for you and your family. House of Faiza has dresses and outfits for every style and budget. Here are just a few of the wonderful styles that House of Faiza currently stock PC Data Recovery Software Work.


Shawls are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, bringing eye-catching color and intricate design to your ensemble. For Eid, consider shawls that are made from high-quality fabric, with detailed needlework patterns. Velvet and lacework beautifully together especially with complementary colors that bring the warmth of Eid celebrations into your outfit. Find a shawl with a good quantity of fabric but don’t go for anything too weighty as you do not want the shawl to become burdensome.


House of Faiza’s unstitched embroidered range is a fantastic option for anyone who wishes to tailor and style their dress to their body. The outfits come as a complete ensemble with material to make every item you will wear. For instance, a box may come with a khaddi net heavy embroidered dupatta, khaddi net heavy embroidered shirt, cotton silk lining, and jamavar trousers. These items are embellished by hands with delicate, beautiful decorations.

Eid Dress

Many designers release their latest outfits in time for Eid. At House of Faiza, many well-known designers such as Maria B have specific Eid fashion lines. The dresses made for Eid will be well matched for the season and usually come in a range of rich luxurious colors. Layering your outfit with organza, satins, and silks will allow you to dress with modesty and beauty while still allowing your body to move and breathe. Eid dresses can be highly traditional or more contemporary with many fashion designers like Sana Safinaz blending Eastern and Western styles to create stunning new outfits with elegant cuts.


Remember that the key to completing any Eid outfit is to ensure that your dress is matched with breathtaking accessories. House of Faiza stock a modest range of accessories that can accompany their outfits and will allow you to put your unique touch of personality on the latest designs.

Flexible Price Plans

House of Faiza stocks multiple designer’s fashion lines to ensure that customers can find an outfit for any budget. However, House of Faiza also realizes that many Muslim families want to dress their best for Eid celebrations which is why they have partnered with Klarna. Klarna offers House of Faiza customers the option of spreading the cost of any purchase over three monthly payments completely interest-free. This benefit is provided to all customers without the need for a credit check or any upfront costs using secure payment technology.

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