Choosing a stylish skirt for spring 2021


This year, fashion has taken a new course towards romance and ease. True, all this is embellished with an adventurous flair, which is expressed in bold decor and unusual styles. This spring, designers offer girls complete freedom to choose the length and material of skirts.

Design house Tatiana Tyagina advises to pay special attention to asymmetrical cut, pencil skirt, as well as curvy models. These and many other models of skirts are already available in our online store.

Floral motifs, stripes and polka dots will be a breath of fresh air this spring. The color palette also promises to be varied – green, blue, blue, pastel colors. You can give preference to non-trivial materials for skirts – chiffon, cotton, eco-leather.


Asymmetrical cut in the coming season will be one of the most popular when choosing skirts. This interesting solution was literally created in order to supplant the strict geometric lines that are fed up with the order.

Many designers have entered into an open debate that takes place on the catwalks – what textures and colors will look best in asymmetry? So far, we have had to come to one obvious compromise – a combination of different types of materials will look interesting. But with the decor, you need to be careful so that it does not distract attention from slender legs and a sophisticated female figure.


Here is a model of a skirt that will never become outdated. Women admire the strict texture of this model, which is not overloaded with unnecessary details of online replica lawn dresses. Thanks to this option, you can create an impeccable business and evening look. This year it is recommended to pay attention to leather and textiles. Mini lace products are suitable for walks and romantic meetings.

Ladies in the body are not recommended to wear too short and tight skirts. Therefore, elongated models that slightly cover their knees will become salvation for them. Monochrome tones with stylish stripes will never let you down and will allow you to hide figure flaws.


A-shaped styles are back in use again. Earlier, when there was a fashion for curvy shapes, girls hid the irregularities of the figure with the help of pleated and pleated styles. Popular performers and TV presenters have turned these skirts into a hit. True, today such models have undergone some changes: the silhouette has become refined, and the length is a little shorter.

This year, it is better to leave aside too variegated and daring shades. Delicate pastel colors are in fashion today. An interesting design solution is ombre, which is a smooth flow of one color into another. But at the same time, the colors must remain contiguous. Shiny fabrics can still be used to create a bold look.

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the branded apparel industry?

A year ago, no one could have imagined that a virus that had escaped from the control of the Chinese authorities would hit the world economy so hard. The coronavirus pandemic has affected all business sectors, including branded clothing manufacturers and suppliers. How do large chains adapt to new conditions and rebuild their business strategy in different countries, including Russia?


All major players in the fashion industry have started to reduce low-margin business sectors in Russia and other countries. The Spanish group Inditex was no exception. Which decided to completely close the chain of stores of inexpensive clothing Lefties in all regions of Russia.

In addition to Lefties, Inditex develops such well-known brands as Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe. At the same time, experts emphasize that Lefties is “the most inexpensive brand” in the Inditex group, so the closure of its chains in Russia was not a surprise. In comparison to other chains, Lefties is a small player in the market, consisting of only 170 stores worldwide. Obviously, during the pandemic, the chain’s products began to lose out to their competitors in the field of inexpensive clothing for the whole family.

The financial situation of the Russians also influenced the market shrinkage. Citizens of the Russian Federation began to spend their budget on essential goods, significantly saving on clothes, shoes and accessories.


One of the largest apparel and cosmetics brands H&M has announced its plans for 2021. Which turned out to be disappointing. The Swedish brand intends to close 250 stores worldwide by the end of next year. This decision was made due to problems in the supply and sale of goods that the company faced in connection with the pandemic.

The brand owners explain their decision by a sharp deterioration in sales. Despite the fact that since the beginning of the pandemic, the brand has slowly begun to establish international supply and distribution of goods in problem areas, sales are still 5% lower than last year. In addition, 166 of the 5,000 H&M stores are still closed. Next year, the brand wants to focus on the online sales segment. And for this you will have to sacrifice several network points.


Knight Frank has conducted a study of the activity of new operators on the Russian market in the 3rd quarter of 2020. Only 11 new brands entered the Russian market, which is about 35% less for the same period than last year (17 new operators). At the same time, most of the new brands instantly changed their approach to sales. Focusing on e-commerce – online orders, the development of social networks, marketplaces, etc. About half of 11 new suppliers represent goods in the categories “Clothes”, “Lingerie”, “Shoes”.

There are only 4 large international brands that have appeared in Russia in recent months: Weekday clothing store (maria b sarees), Paulig Café & Store, Patrick Roger chocolate boutique, Adidas Terrex sports equipment store.

Also, by the end of the year, the opening of two more clothing stores of the & Other Stories brand, owned by the H&M group, was announced. In addition to the offline segment, the H&M group will launch online stores Arket, & Other Stories, COS, Weekday and Monki in Russia.


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