Why should you buy an LG refrigerator? 7 reasons to know

LG has been at the top of the refrigerator market for over a decade. With its consistency in producing the best refrigerators around, the brand looks set to continue spearheading the global refrigerator industry.

In 2020, refrigerators accounted for 34% of LG’s total sales, and if that’s not enough, the 30% overall market share captured by the brand proved to us that LG refrigerators are still the go-to refrigerators for consumers.

  • Versatility

One of the biggest positives of LG has been its versatility. They have products that cater to everybody’s needs. If you are someone who moves houses a lot, you have efficient single door refrigerators for that purpose. But if you are a person with a family, or if you prefer to stock up on groceries, there are spacious double door refrigerators from the brand. Furthermore, there are bottom mounted refrigerators for those who prefer such models. Bottom freezer refrigerators by LG allow users to stand upright every time they want to use the fridge, thus being particularly helpful for the elderly. LG also produces side-by-side Refrigerators that add a touch of sophistication to modern homes and kitchens.

  • Spacious refrigerators

LG has been very generous with the capacity of their refrigerators. If you need single door refrigerators, most of their single door refrigerators come with a capacity of around 190 litres. They have sizable shelves that can hoard a lot more bottles and groceries as compared to a lot of usual refrigerators.

If we’re talking about LG’s double door refrigerators, they have a range of capacities. There are double door refrigerators with a capacity of 287 litres, while there are even bigger ones with capacity of 471 litres. Additionally, LG refrigerators also allow users to transform the freezers into normal fridges when required. For this reason, all their “Convertible+ Fridges” come in handy when you need to store extra groceries. Other than this, LG also makes their bottle racks extra large to fit the 2 litrebottles.

  • Advanced cooling technology

LG has always led the world in terms of technology, and has ideated and developed cutting-edge refrigeration technology. With their Inverter Linear Compressors, LG fridges provide adequate and uniform cooling to all the products stored inside the appliance. For more uniform cooling, LG also applies its advanced Door Cooling+ technology that plants more vents around the door of the refrigerator. This way, there is hardly any cooling difference between the interior and door-side of the refrigerator.

  • Great preservation

With LG’s advanced cooling technology, fruits and vegetables stored in your refrigerator remain fresh. They also use a number of antimicrobial technologies to restrict the growth of bacteria that can potentially make your groceries rot.

  • Smart features

In this age of smart technology, LG refrigerators come with a number of smart features. Most of their refrigerators use the advanced ThinQ technology that enables users to operate the refrigerator from their smartphone. They also have the Auto Smart Connect technology that automatically connects your refrigerator to the home inverter every time there’s a power cut. This way, your products are safe with uninterrupted cooling.

LG refrigerators also come with the “Smart Diagnosis” feature. This feature self determines any and all issues of the refrigerator without manual intervention. If there’s a refrigerant leakage, you can know about it directly, and it helps you save the money that would otherwise go into consulting a technician.

  • Environment friendly

LG is an environment-friendly brand. They put their belief across in their products by using only refrigerants that have zero ozone depletion potential. They have minimal effect on global warming.

  • Energy efficient

Every double door fridge by LG uses the specially designed Smart Inverter Compressor technology that optimizes the power utilized by your fridge to ultimately make you save a lot of energy. LG refrigerators are both efficient in performance, and their energy saving characteristics.

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