4 good reasons to use discount coupons

More than 350 million reduction coupons are used each year in France. (1) Printed on products, sent to letterboxes, distributed in stores or accessible from smartphones, these coupons represent an important development lever for your company.

Here are their 4 main advantages.

In supermarkets, the discount voucher is the promotional mechanism that makes the French the most eager to buy

1. They generate point-of-sale, physical or online traffic

There are 2 types of discount vouchers : “in store” discounts, offered in stores, and “out store” discounts. These can be distributed in mailboxes or in the street (during a street marketing operation), sent by addressed mail, by e-mail or even via an application

These are the “out store” coupons  that encourage consumers to visit your store or your e-commerce site , in order to benefit from the reduction. In supermarkets, they have an impact on the preparation of the shopping list in 86% of cases and can be very relevant when opening a new point of sale .

2. They can meet different kinds of business purposes

Do you want to make yourself known, reach new consumers? The vonhaus discount code voucher is ideal for launching a product on the market or for attracting new customers , especially via mail.

In physical or digital form, you can distribute them via a targeted campaign. Targeting can be done to the individual, from a contact file , or to the neighborhood, thanks to geo marketing studies  that will allow you to identify the populations most likely to be interested in your offer.

Are you looking to increase the average basket , to build customer loyalty ? Discount coupons promote repurchase. Give a financial advantage on a second product or on a future purchase; you will thus meet the expectations of 74% of French people.

3. They promote impulse buying…

… Thus contributing to the  increase in your turnover . For brands, discount coupons are an excellent way to emerge on the shelf and stand out from the competition , especially if they are coupled with POS (point- of-sale advertising) devices . The “shelf stop”, a cardboard element which signals the presence of a promotion, thus makes it possible to multiply sales, by two, or even three or four times, in certain cases!

4. They are also a communication medium

Discount coupons convey a positive brand image . Through the discount, the brand shows generosity. It allows consumers to make a “smart purchase”, to increase their purchasing power. The company thus gains sympathy capital. In printed version , the discount voucher has a double advantage: The time of exposure to the mark is multiplied , by handling and conservation for a future use;

Adding a QR Code or a link to a website will promote physical-digital gateways, thus allowing the connected consumer to continue their experience with the brand , which can push different types of content. (applications, videos, etc.).



What Are the Benefits of Discount Coupons for Your Ecommerce?

Discount codes or coupons It must be attractive to buyers since its intention is to secure the purchase of the product. Usually when the discount coupons in ecommerce, These should be easy to remember, calculate and apply.

Features of discount coupons for ecommerce

If you want to implement discount coupons on your e-commerce, you should keep in mind that these codes should be easy for buyers to digest. For example, an easy to use discount code maybe remember ” vonhaus discount code” .

And as we said before, it should also be easy for buyers to calculate the discount they will receive if they purchase the product. In other words, a 10% discount coupon is much easier to calculate than a 14% discount coupon. In addition, it is easier to calculate € 20 discount on all orders over € 100, for example.

Discount codes should have minimal restrictions on date, product type, location, and other factors. In other words, you have to prevent customers from thinking about it, because if they do, they will hesitate and end up not making the purchase.

Benefits of discount coupons

While it is possible that offering an abandoned purchase discount code will increase because customers expect these coupons, it is also possible to have higher value and sales volume depending on the type of offers. that you make available to them.

Offering the discount coupons can benefit your ecommerce in the following ways:

  • By getting people to spend more than they planned
  • Retain consumers
  • Establish brand awareness
  • Analyze and measure to find out what works and what doesn’t
  • Offers can go viral
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