5 Reasons why transition lenses are a good choice for new glasses

If you are looking for online glasses for your next pair of lenses, you should definitely try transition glasses. If you are reading this blog, you are probably finding reasons, if these glasses will be your best choice. You cannot simply squander money on glasses that you buy once in a year or two years. So doing a bit (lot) of research is mandatory. 

So why are transition glasses good for you –

1. Your profession demands it

You work indoors and outdoors simultaneously. And most of all your work is very hectic. You hardly get a chance to breathe, forget about changing your glasses when stepping outdoors. If you live such a hectic life, you should consider using transition glasses. 

You will not have to bother changing your glasses to sunglasses. You can wear transition glasses both indoors and outdoors. You can easily go outside without having to flinch your eyes in the blinding sunlight and come back indoors and not turn blind for even a second. 

The transition glasses transition into darker shades when exposed to sunlight facilitating your view in the bright light. It turns back to clear glasses just as it gets back to normal light settings. The transitions are as quick as a few seconds. So the changes in the light settings barely strain the eyes.

2. You keep losing your sunglasses and glasses

Losing glasses doesn’t make you clumsy. It is just inconvenient to carry around glasses everywhere you go. And when you are carrying an extra pair of glasses, you are more likely to lose them. 

If you keep forgetting where you placed your sunglasses or glasses after wearing them, switch to transition glasses. By wearing transition glasses you will not wear sunglasses. It works better than most regular sunglasses. And the style of transition glasses is envious.

3. Stylish than Sunglasses

If you wear sunglasses, your sunglasses have only one shade. The transition has three. Apart from dark shades and clear shades, the transition has gradual dark shades which are the transitioning in between dark and clear shade. This gradual tone looks stylish and cooler than most sunglasses.

4. Cent per cent effective against UV rays

You read it right. Transition glasses provide you with 100 percent protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Regular sunglasses do not provide protection against UV rays. Only sunglasses with a coating of UV protection are effective against UV rays.

Wearing transition glasses you will not have to worry about your eyes getting affected by UV rays. You can worry-free go out in the sun, enjoy your time on the beach and pool parties however long you want.

5. Less Straining

With a smooth transition, your eyes will not strain. You can move into any light setting and still get a comfortable viewing. The glasses adjust according to the light. Normally, your pupils dilate to allow more light when you suddenly move into a darkroom. Your pupils shrink to stop excess light to harm your eyes when you get outside in bright sunlight. With transition glasses, your pupils don’t have to dilate or shrink. It means your eyes strain less because of lighting allowing you a comfortable viewing experience.

It is also effective against sun glares and sudden flashes. You will not need an extra layer or coating of anti-glare over the transition glasses. Your glasses are good against the sun at any time. Whether it is morning or it is noon, you can comfortably wear these glasses. Even for exercises, you can leave sunglasses and keep wearing transition lenses throughout. 

For driving, you can wear transition glasses even during the night. It will protect your eyes from the sudden flashes of neon lights, traffic lights or headlights and also will not inhibit your vision during nighttime like the sunglasses

For a Homebody

blue light glasses

If you spend most of your time indoors, you can opt for blue light blocking glasses. This will be a more cost-effective choice if you are sticking to your computer screen most of the time. Blue light glasses blocks most of the blue light emitted from the desktops and all the digital screens. Blue light is responsible for eye strain and fatigue. And in many cases, a cause of insomnia too.

Buy a blue light glasses that blocks almost all of the blue light emission. This will help you in regulating your body sleep cycle. Transition glasses are also effective against blue light but not as blue light glasses that can deflect 99.99 per cent of blue light emission. These kind of blue light glasses are best against blue lights. Specscart provides blue light glasses with 99.99 per cent capability of blocking blue light glasses. These only cost an extra £25 to get your glasses made in blue light lenses.


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